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Where to stay in Northern Serengeti

Where to stay in Northern Serengeti

From late June through until September/October, the Northern Serengeti is the place to be on the Serengeti.

As the Wildebeest Migration reaches the Mara River, the chances of seeing the high drama of a river crossing and maybe even a crocodile attack increase.

The lodges and camps of the Lobo and Mara region of the park all aim to put you as close to the action as possible.

Budget Lodges in the Northern Serengeti

The Northern Serengeti is home to the public Lobo Campsite, offering those wanting to see a river crossing a chance to stay in the region without having to pay a fortune.

As with all of our camping safaris, we provide all camping equipment and a private chef to ensure you’re well taken care of.

Medium Lodges in the Northern Serengeti

There are a number of fantastic tented camps and lodges in the Northern Serengeti. With reasonable prices and great facilities, they make the Northern Serengeti accessible to families and those on a budget.


Chaka Tented Camp

The Chaka Migration Camp makes its home in the Northern Serengeti during peak season, boasting the same great facilities and comfortable tented accommodation that you can find in their permanent Kiota Camp in the Central Serengeti.

Twelve spacious tents and a gorgeous outdoor dining area put you at the very thick of things, while the smaller number of tents ensure you’re given personalized service.

Recommended For: Everyone!


Kenzan Mara Tented Camp

For those who want a tented camping experience on a budget, Kenzan Mara Tented Camp is the best option.

Embracing the rustic camping experience without robbing you of creature comforts, Kenzan Mara’s location is a great place from which to witness the Wildebeest Migration.

Recommended For: Location, location, location!


Lobo Wildlife Lodge

A newer player in the Northern Serengeti, Lobo Wildlife Lodge is a family-friendly lodge for those who might want a break from sleeping in tented accommodation.

Located atop a volcanic backdrop affording stunning views of the surrounding wilderness, Lobo Wildlife Lodge boasts panoramic views, a nearby waterhole, and unrivaled access to the nearby Mara River.

Recommended For: Families.


Mara River Kati Kati

Just as their properties in Ndutu and Seronera offer comfort and a brilliant location at affordable rates, so too does Kati Kati’s Mara River camp.

While some tented camps do their best to emulate a hotel room inside of their tents, Kati Kati embraces the idea of immersion with a far more simple (but no less comfortable) tented camping experience.

Recommended For: Everyone!

Luxury Lodges in the Northern Serengeti

As befits the most popular attraction in the Serengeti, the Northern Serengeti has some truly stunning luxury lodges and camps for those with a little more money to spend.


Angata Bologonja Tented Camp

The most affordable option when it comes to luxury camping in the Northern Serengeti, Angata’s Bologonja Camp finds the right balance between comfort and cost.

Like all Angata properties, it boasts a smaller number of tents to maximize the level of personal care you can expect to receive from its staff.

Recommended For: Barefoot luxury.


&Beyond Klein’s Camp

&Beyond’s Northern Serengeti property is Klein’s Camp, and it boasts the level of decadence you’d expect from the premier luxury brand.

Situated in a private concession that straddles both the Serengeti and the Maasai Mara, Klein’s Camp offers something you can’t get anywhere else in either country.

Its location means off-road driving, night game drives, and guided hikes are all possible while staying at the property, while you can still duck across to the Serengeti proper to see the Migration in action.

Recommended ForRomance.


Bologonya Under Canvas

A luxury property from the people being Kati Kati and Kubu Kubu, Bologonya Under Canvas is affordable luxury with front row seats to the Wildebeest Migration.

Moving three times each year to keep pace with the Wildebeest Migration’s movements through the Northern Serengeti, you’ll always have the best seats in the house to see all of the action.

Recommended For: Special occasions.


Lemala Kuria Hills

A luxury lodge located at the very centre of the Wildebeest Migration corridor, Lemala’s Kuria Hills property is all about putting you at the thick of the action without robbing you of your privacy.

Each of Lemala’s fifteen suite tents boast 24/7 electricity, private plunge pools, and huge glass windows to afford you a spectacular view of the Serengeti.

Offering an all-inclusive experience with unrivalled views from every point of the property, Lemala Kuria Hills is the perfect place to indulge your desire for a little luxury.

Recommended For: Special occasions.


Singita Mara River Tented Camp

With an eye towards both sustainability and giving back to the local economy, Singita’s Mara River Tented Camp makes use of natural, recycled, and locally sourced materials wherever possible.

East African art and design immerses you fully in the culture you’re exploring even as you’re ideally located to experience the Wildebeest Migration.

Recommended For: Barefoot luxury.

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