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Volunteer in Tanga | Volunteer in Tanzania

Volunteer in Tanga | Volunteer in Tanzania

Volunteer in Tanga

Ever thought of volunteering in Tanga? Immerse yourself in the lifestyle and culture, whilst assisting the local community?

There Special Volunteer Program in Tanga which will allow to Experience the Lifestyle and Culture of Tanzanians, Will have time of doing Safari in Tanzania like Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater which is populated by the Big 5 (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino) and feel the chills while camping amidst the wilderness, you’ll get to meet some interesting and like-minded travelers from other parts of the world, work for the underprivileged communities living in and around Dodoma and broaden your social network.

You have the opportunity to work at orphanages, schools, vocational training centers, women’s groups, centers for children with disabilities, hospitals, community development projects and environmental conservation projects. There is a minimum 1 month or less stay which is to ensure all volunteers are truly valuable to the project they work in. Internships are also available. 

This would be the perfect program for High School/ College students looking forward to having a short and Long yet fun-filled learning volunteer experience abroad. Set out for exploring Tanzania like never before, and create memories that would last for a lifetime. Volunteering in Tanzania is an amazing experience and allows you to get a great feel for the country and the local people. It can be a life changing experience!

Volunteer in Tanzania

Top Volunteer Programs & Locations

What project should you do when you volunteer  to Tanzania? ☆ Does your head feel sick of working at your current workplace, is your heart dreaming of going abroad, and is your belly filled with excitement when you think of experiencing a new culture first-hand? You cannot get closer to the local people of a country than by volunteering in a charitable project. In the following, we want to introduce you to the most interesting projects in Tanga

Volunteer in Tanga
Volunteer in Tanga
Volunteer in Tanga
Volunteer in Tanga
Youth Development Volunteer Programs in Tanzania

Flights & getting there


There are daily flights on Coastal Aviation and Auric Air between Tanga, Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar Island and Pemba ( cone way between Tanga and Pemba/Zanzibar Island/Dar es Salaam approximately US$95/130/195 ). Auric Air’s Tanga representative is at the airfield, which is about 3km west of the town centre, just off the Korogwe road (Tsh5000 by taxi).


Azam Marine’s Sealink ferry goes weekly between Tanga and Pemba (four hours, US$35), with connections on to Zanzibar Island. Departures from Tanga are on Tuesday, and from Pemba on Sunday. Tickets can be bought online or at the Azam Marine Booking Office.


Ratco and other buses for Dar es Salaam depart daily every few hours from 6am to 2pm in each direction (Tsh15,000 to Tsh17,000, six hours).

To Arusha there are at least three departures daily between about 6am and 11am (Tsh17,000 to Tsh19,000, seven to eight hours). To Lushoto there are several direct buses departing daily from 7am (Tsh7000 to Tsh8000, four hours).

To Pangani (Tsh2500, 1½ hours) there are several larger buses and many dalla-dallas throughout the day along the coastal road.

All transport leaves from the main bus stand on Taifa Rd (‘Double Rd’), at the corner of Street No 12. It’s about 1.5km south of the town centre (Tsh5000 in a taxi), and south of the railway tracks in the Ngamiani section.

Reaching Tanga from Kilimanjaro and Dar es salaam Airports

Volunteer in Tanzania FAQ

5 Things to Consider Before Volunteering
  • 1. Why am I volunteering? 
  • 2. What are my strengths and weaknesses?  
  • 3. How much time do I have?
  • 4. Will this experience help me in the future? 
  • 5. What causes are important to you?

10 Mistakes Every Volunteer Should Avoid:

  • 1. Not Having an Aim
  • 2. Choosing the Wrong Project
  • 3. Choosing the Wrong Destination
  • 4. Joining a Short Term Project
  • 5. Not Being Open Minded
  • 6. Not Packing the Right Things
  • 7. Not Getting Ripped Off or Scammed
  • 8. Not Learning the Local Language
  • 9. Thinking You Can’t Make a Difference
  • 10. Not Recommending the Experience to Others

Volunteering in Tanzania will give you a unique insight into the variety of cultures in this region. During your free time, you can visit local markets, buy Batik artworks, and learn about the Maasai tribe. Tanzania also has so much to offer in the way of nature and wildlife.

Yes, Volunteer opportunities in Tanzania are based in Arusha and surrounding rural communities. With affordable Program Fees and top rated volunteer projects trusted by over 125,000 travelers, IVHQ is the best volunteer organization in Tanzania.

  • 1. Give you a sense of achievement and purpose.
  • 2. Help you feel part of a community.
  • 3. Help you feel better about yourself by improving your self-esteem
  • 4. Help you share your talents and  learn new skills a
Volunteering in Africa helps to change perceptions and stereotypes about its people and its problems, while it provides local communities with an exchange of culture, mindsets and ideas.

Unpaid volunteers are often the glue that holds a community together. Volunteering allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place. Even helping out with the smallest tasks can make a real difference to the lives of people, animals, and organizations in need.

Compassion. Helping others or supporting a cause is the foundation of volunteering. You need to have compassion when serving others by considering their perspectives and situations. Your compassion can help you realize that everyone has different opportunities and that you can make a difference in their lives.

The volunteer’s responsibilities include completing tasks assigned by the supervisor, upholding the organization’s values, and maintaining a high degree of professionalism with all stakeholders. You should arrive on time, follow instructions, and improve the overall operations of the organization.

Volunteers bring a wide range of skills, experience and knowledge to your organisation. This builds on the resources it already has and can help achieve its mission and goals.

Low cost, fully hosted volunteer abroad programs
10 weeks$1,650Equivalent to $24/day
12 weeks$1,980Equivalent to $24/day
16 weeks$2,640Equivalent to $22/day
20 weeks$3,040Equivalent to $22/day

Because it comes with the great opportunity to learn about local life from a Tanzanian family. Many people who volunteer in Tanzania choose to stay with a local family for a portion of their placement or for their entire stay.

Volunteering in Africa allows you to give back to local communities and conservation efforts, but it lets you immerse yourself deeper in the culture and essence of the place you’re visiting than the average tourist.

The main challenges are managing the diversity of the volunteers integrating into life in the community with different cultures, beliefs, and languages. We give a full induction for volunteers, and include cultural awareness, helping them to fit into community life well.

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Safaris & Tours

Tanzania is one of Africa’s top safari destinations. The wildlife viewing is out of this world and big cats are especially easy to see. All members of the Big Five can be found in various Tanzanian parks and reserves, and all five are present in the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park.

Mountain Climbing

The most frequent expeditions are obviously to Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru, but there are also other destinations such as the Crater Highlands. Trekking companies will happily put together an itinerary that suits your preferences and all other important details for your comfortability.

Beach Holidays

Unguja/Zanzibar Island, is the main island in the Tanzania. Stone Town, part of Zanzibar, is an old trade center, with mosques and winding lanes. The 1883 House of Wonders is a former sultan’s palace with a clock tower. The Old Fort now houses a cultural center and a stone amphitheater, The best beaches!

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