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Train from Dar es salam to Mwanza

Train from Dar es salam to Mwanza

Train from Dar es salaam to Mwanza

The Central Line (German: Mittellandbahn), formerly known as the Tanganyika Railway (German: Tanganjikabahn) is the most important railway line in Tanzania, apart from TAZARA. It runs west from Dar es Salaam to Kigoma on Lake Tanganyika via Dodoma. A branch leads to Mwanza on Lake Victoria.

In 2017, Tanzania began the Tanzania Standard Gauge Railway project, which will construct a standard gauge (1435 mm) line parallel to the meter-gauge (1000 mm) Central Line between Dar es Salaam and Mwanza, with a new route branching northwest at Isaka to Kigali in Rwanda.

Railway is the safety form of transport, the chances of accidents and breakdowns of railways are minimum as compared to other modes of transport. TRC  also provide all necessary equipment to guarantee our clients safety (first aid kit, fire extinguishers) and all trek expeditions maintain contact via portable radios, also count with General Positioning System (GPS) for longer expeditions.

Long Distance Time Table in Swahili

(Train days from Dar es Salaam to Mwanza: Sunday, Tuesday and Friday)

From station to:

Expected departure time:Expected arrival time:
Dar es Salaam – Morogoro5 pm (17:00 hours)11:35 pm (23:35 hours)
Morogoro – Dodoma0:15 am (00:15 hours)7:35 am (07:15 hours)
Dodoma – Tabora8:10 am (08:10 hours)6:25 pm (18:25 hours)
Tabora – Mwanza9:30 pm (21:30 hours)7:25 am (07:25 hours)

TRC Central Line Trains

Deluxe Train

One newly introduced Deluxe passenger train service departs every Sunday, alternating to Kigoma (Lake Tanganyika shore) three passenger train service per week are run between Tabora and Mpanda.

Catering Service; Meals are served in one charming Victorian atmosphere of the special restaurant cars and are complemented by a selection of delicious foods and drinks. An enthuastic team of chefs responsible for overseeing the very important task of ensuring guests every need is catered for. There is variety of fresh local ingredients and local dishes.

Mobile Devices and Internet; In maintaining the spirit of travel, the use of mobile phones are well ensured with charging systems and free Wi-FI internet.

Ordinary Train

Two ordinary passenger trains per week are operating between Dar es salaam-Kigoma and Mwanza via Tabora back to Dar es salaam. Ordinary Train has First Class Sleeping Coaches, Second Class Sleeping Coaches, Second Class Sitting Coaches and Third Class Sitting Coaches altogether facilitated with special Restaurant Car and Delicious Foods and Drink.

Central line Dar-es-salaam to Mwanza