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Tanzania Walking Safari |  Tanzania Safari

Tanzania Walking Safari | Tanzania Safari

Tanzania Walking Safari 

anzania classifies its wild areas in different ways, each with different rules – meaning that the practices, and standards, of walking safaris differ widely. We have some first-rate walking safaris in Tanzania, with great guides – chosen, as usual, by seeing them first hand. Some of the real stars are the walking safaris done on fly-camping trips.

Walks in the National Parks have to abide by the strict rules laid out by TANAPA (Tanzanian National Park Authorities); these rules have been put in place to make walking as safe as possible. No more than six guests are able to go on a walk at any one time; and they must be accompanied by at least one TANAPA qualified armed ranger, who must stick to specific walking routes. These regulations are however relatively new to Tanzania’s national parks; and so we would only recommend walking from camps that we know have a consistent record for reliably good walking safaris, and well established guides. 

Tanzania’s Game Reserves are run by a slightly more relaxed organization called the Game Division whose regulations are less clear – this has created a disparity in walking safari standards. Walking Safaris are hugely dependent on how experienced and knowledgeable the guide is – they can therefore be a bit hit-and-miss. All of our recommended Camps use their own highly qualified guides who stick to rules, which have been set by their specific camp – these walking safaris are very good. So do include some walking in your Tanzania safari, but do talk to us first as experiences can vary hugely between camps.

Tanzania walking Safari

The best regions for Tanzania Walking safaris:


Katavi National Park

Superlatives about this fantastic park flow regularly from the mouths of those that have had the fortune to be able to come and visit this, Tanzania’s third biggest National Park…and for good reason. Featuring hippos pods of thousands, denning crocodile, super herds of buffalo and predators galore (we even had one client who had a leopard chased under their vehicle by a pride of lion!) Katavi is, without doubt, one of Africa’s best-kept secrets.


Nyerere National Park

One of the largest designated game areas in Africa, Nyerere National Park (formerly the Selous Game Reserve) is approximate two and a half times the size of Wales and is truly one of the last frontiers in Africa, with game roaming freely and unimpeded throughout. The main focus for the safari activities is around the mighty Rufiji River that flows west to east through the northern section of the park and, in the dry season, it becomes a Mecca for all types of game looking to replenish water supplies.


Ruaha National Park

Approximately an hour and a half flying time to the west of the Selous, Ruaha National Park is often paired with its neighbour and provides the perfect foil. Where the Selous is verdant and riverine, Ruaha is barren and sparse. Where the Selous has elephant, hippo and crocodile, Ruaha has lions, buffalo and leopard. In every sense, to step into Ruaha is to step into how Africa has existed forever.

Ruaha Walking Safari

Serengeti Safaris

Arguably the most famous destination for safari in Africa, the vast, open plains of the Serengeti epitomise, for many, what Africa is all about. In the Serengeti National Park the grasslands are roamed by millions of wildebeest, zebra and others, while being stalked by some of the continent’s fiercest predators; the mighty lion, the leopard, the cheetah, to name a few. To experience a Serengeti safari and witness the daily fight for survival is like nothing else in the world, where life seems so precious and yet so cheap…welcome to the Serengeti!


Tarangire Safaris

Tarangire National Park is often overlooked in Tanzania’s northern safari circuit. Only and hour or so’s drive out from the city of Arusha, this is arguably one of East Africa’s last discovered jewels and is well worth including in a visit up here. Often dubbed as the main reason to come here, the vast elephant herds that wander in and out of the park throughout the year are to be seen to be believed. This is not, however, the only reason to come here with both lesser and great Kudu to be seen, plentiful lion, leopard and cheetah, as well as a variety of interesting habitats and accommodations.

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