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Tanzania Volunteer Opportunities | Programs

Tanzania Volunteer Opportunities | Programs

Volunteer Opportunities in Tanzania

Volunteer in Tanzania and discover a country of contrasts: the buzzing city of Dar es Salaam; the rural Arusha right next to indigenous Maasai villages, and so many other fascinating areas. The deserts next to grasslands boasting African wildlife next to the coast, Tanzania really has it all!

Tanzania is a prime example of what most people expect of Africa. The endless wilderness of the national parks with wild animals roaming their natural surroundings, the colorful Maasai people, and mountaintops from where you can spot the end of the world. Although these endless landscapes and wild animals are a reality, there is so much more to experience and discover when you volunteer in Tanzania. Another reality is that local communities need your support. Volunteer for education, women empowerment, or healthcare and make a meaningful difference while you volunteer and travel.

Besides being the safari destination, home to the Mount Kilimanjaro, and idyllic beaches, Tanzania also offers plenty of volunteer opportunities. Here a few interesting facts about Tanzania that may inspire you to pack your bags and volunteer abroad in Tanzania:

  • #1. Mount Kilimanjaro has almost every type of ecosystem: cultivated land, rain forest, heath, moorland,desert, and an arctic summit.
  • #2. The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is one of the oldest ecosystems on the planet and has barely changed in 1 million years.
  • #3. Zanzibar has its own leopard population, the Zanzibar Leopard, and is endemic to the island. It’s assumed to be extinct 
  • Tanzania plays a vital role in helping us understand our own evolution. The earliest human skull in the world, dating back 2 million years, was discovered in Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania by the famous archaeologist, Dr. Leakey.
Volunteer in Arusha Tanzania

Why Volunteer in Tanzania?


There are plenty of advantages to being a volunteer rather than a tourist in Tanzania. There is no better way to get to know the culture and the people of a country than to become part of its society and offer a helping hand.

Whether you’re doing a medical mission trip, joining a women empowerment project, or building houses, your contribution counts. Benefit from exceptional encounters with locals and other volunteers and experience Tanzania as an insider.

If you’re excited about volunteering in Tanzania but don’t know where to volunteer yet, the following overview will uncover everything about the different volunteer opportunities in Tanzania. Our live chat team is also by your side to help you find the right volunteer abroad opportunity for you.

Top areas of need in Tanzania:

What project should you do when you volunteer in Tanzania?!  Does your head feel sick of working at your current workplace, is your heart dreaming of going abroad, and is your belly filled with excitement when you think of experiencing a new culture first-hand? You cannot get closer to the local people of a country than by volunteering in a charitable project. In the following, we want to introduce you to the seven most interesting projects in Tanzania.

#1. Women Empowerment

It is a fact that in some parts of the world, women still suffer from patriarchy and discrimination. Although equality should be self-evident and part of the law, they are facing challenges every day of their lives. Women’s empowerment work is one of the most important causes in Tanzania you can work towards. In this project, you get the chance to volunteer with great female personalities, give them a voice, and encourage them to fight for their own rights.

#2. Health & Medical Outreach:

Health is one of the most popular volunteer projects in Tanzania for foreigners. Hospitals and healthcare centers can be really different from what you might know from your home country. As health insurance is not common in Tanzania, the access to health care usually depends on a person’s income. Many people cannot afford any health care which is why they are dependent on the help of the government or volunteer communities.

#3. Education

Working with children in a kindergarten or primary school in the northern part of Tanzania not only brings you new experiences but also helps the kids build a foundation for education and a better future. In kindergartens and pre-schools, volunteers are often asked to play, read, and sing with the students, as well as teach them basic English and mathematics.

Top Adventure ctivities in Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro
Pongwe Transfer Services

Bonus Tip: Add Adventure to Your Trip!

If you have your heart set on a certain type of volunteering opportunity, the fun doesn’t have to stop there. You can add additional options on to your volunteer program in Tanzania if you save enough money. You could do a safari trip with camping or Lodge accomodation in various National Parks, visit the Serengeti National ParkNgorongoro National Park, or even do a  safari in Southern Part of Tanzania These are just a few adventure ideas, but with a bit of research you can find endless places to visit and finish off your volunteer experience in India perfectly!

Hopefully this list of the best ways to volunteer in Tanzania has given you some inspiration to plan your own trip. Just remember: there are endless volunteer opportunities in Tanzania and it’s a truly beautiful place to make a difference. 

Volunteer in Tanzania

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