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Sandawe tribe in Dodoma

Sandawe tribe in Dodoma

Sandawe Tribe in Dodoma | Dodoma Tanzania Capital City|  Best Hotels in Dodoma | Top wildlife toursfrom Dodoma | Flight deeals from Dodoma | Dodoma City Guide  | Dodoma Day Tours | Tanzania Travel Guide 

Sandawe Tribe in Dodoma

The Sandawe are a small group living in north-central Tanzania in Kondo District, near the town of Kondoa, between the Mponde and Bubu rivers. The Sandawe are a small remaining group of a race of people that originally lived over much of Africa. The San, called Bushmen by the Dutch in South Africa, were the first people we know in the Rift Valley. 

The Sandawe are racially different from the surrounding tribes. They have lighter skin and are smaller, with knotty hair like that of the Bushmen, commonly referred to as peppercorn hair. They have the epicanthic fold of the eye lid (like East Asian people) common to the Bushmen.

Other ethnic Groups in Dodoma

The Sandawe language includes click sounds as consonants and is also tonal. Totally unrelated to other languages around them, it is difficult to learn. The language is related to the languages of the Bushmen (San) and the Hottentots (Khoi) of the southern Africa and is therefore classified as a Khoisan language. The Hadzapi, also in northern Tanzania, are the only other aboriginal people in Eastern Africa still speaking a Khoisan language.
More about Dodoma City:

It is the capital of Tanzania. Dodoma has timezone UTC+03:00 (during standard time).In Dodoma there are 410.956 occupants, according to 2012 census.

Dodoma dimension is 2576 sq. km., ideal for visiting a big city, crowdy with a lot of attractions or activities to do. If you stay in this city you can find expensive hotels because of their very high hotel costs, so this is why you may find Dodoma like your base in order to getting the comfort of luxury after visiting this city.

Its altitude above mean sea level, or meters above sea level (M A.S.L.), is under 1120 mt. That’s why Dodoma is an ideal destination if you and your family love tall land to see for your next vacation or are willing to do mountain rails walking while you are on a trip away from home.