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  1. The official unit of currency is the Tanzanian shilling (TZS), divided into 100 cents. Notes are issued as TSh10,000; 5000; 1000; 500; 200 and 100. Coins are issued as TSh100; 50; 20; 10, 5 and 1.

    The tourism industry prices everything in US Dollars and they are the preferred unit of currency. Major currencies can be exchanged in the larger towns. Foreign exchange bureaux in the main towns usually offer a better rate on traveller’s cheques than do the banks. ATMs are available in major cities only.

    Major lodges, some hotels and travel agents in urban areas accept credit cards, but these should not be relied on and can incur a 10% surcharge.

    See for the latest exchange rates.

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    CURRENCY : The Tanzanian unit of currency is the Tanzanian Shilling – TZS or TSHS 1.00 TZS. 1.00 USD = 2,238.00 TZS (As of Aug 1st 2017)

    CREDIT CARDS: Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted.

    American Express – not so much! US dollars are widely accepted – however bills printed in and/or prior to 2006 are not! High denomination bills ($100 and $50 mainly ) can also be a problem so take a stash of ones and fives and tens just to be on the safe side. Traveler’s checks are NOT accepted as a method of payment in TANZANIA.

    For up to date rates of exchange click on the following link. http://WWW.XE.COM

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