What is the concession fee for Serengeti?


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Have booked an accommodation in Serengeti, and when I contact the transfer service in the area, they are asking to know if the lodge has arranged concession fee, Transit, and entry fee!

What are these fee for?


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    If you are staying in a lodge or private mobile camp inside the TANAPA national parks, you also need to pay a hotel concession fees. Enquire with your lodge if the concession fee has been included in their price, or if you need to pay for this yourself. Most hotels and mobile camps will arrange this for you, and have the concession fee added to your hotel bill.

    • Serengeti and Nyerere- $ 70.80 per person / night
    • Arusha, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Kilimanjaro – $ 47 pp / night
    • Mahale , Ruaha, Katavi, Gombe – $ 35.40 pp /night
    • Mkomazi , Saadani, Mikumi, Udzungwa Mountains – $29.50 pp / night

    Children up to 5 years are free of charge

    Children between 5 and 15 years pay $11.80 concession fee.

    Further TANAPA fees

    • Vehicle entry fee for your locally registered Roadtrip Tanzania rental car is 23,600 TSH ($10) for the RAV4 and 41,300 TSH ($20) per day for the Landcruiser, valid for multiple entry.
    • Camping fees: Public campsites managed by TANAPA cost $ 35.40 per person/night. Special campsites costs $59 per person/night. For children between 5-15 years, the camping fee is $ 11,80. Children below 5 years are free of charge.

    Tanapa fees for optional activities and services

    • Ranger fee – $ 23.60
    • Walking safaris – $ 23.60 per person
    • Night game drives ( Katavi, Ruaha, Mikumi, Tarangire,  Lake Manyara, Nyerere only) – $59 pp
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