What is it like being on safari?


What is it like being on safari? 

Being on safari is all about the wildlife and seeing big-game species, such as elephants, giraffes and lions in their natural habitat. A safari will see you game driving through the iconic African savannah while antelope and zebras graze lazily on the surrounding grasslands and migrating birds come refuel in the lakes and rivers. It may include the thrill of seeing a “kill” as lion prides stealthily stalk their prey or it might see you following in the footsteps of a naturalist guide as you track animals on foot.

Aside from walking safaris and game drives, an African safari may see you floating high above in a hot air balloon as the day’s first rays illuminate the landscape around you or perhaps cruising along meandering rivers as hippos submerge and re-emerge in the waters. Some safaris also include cultural encounters with tribal communities who’ve maintained their ancestral way of life or village visits to gain an insight into the local lifestyle.

While daily excursions and wildlife-spotting activities are central to any safari, so too is staying in stunning lodges and camps immersed in wild surrounds. Enjoy warm African hospitality from a tented suite or luxurious cottage, with wildlife spotting often possible from the privacy of your deck. Imagine a candle-lit dinner under the stars while listening to the sounds of the wild ringing around you and nights spent stargazing as you recount the day’s adventures around the campfire.

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