What is food like in Tanzania?


What is food like in Tanzania?  I am going for a safari, and would like to know a typical food that is serve, a neutral opinion would highly be appreciated!

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  1. Most of the time you will be eating in your lodge or camp, which will be of a good standard. It’s always better to advise us prior to travel if you have any specific requests, as lodges do need to bring in food especially. Some places are a long way from towns so are unable to get supplies in at short notice.


    When you are staying in bigger towns there are normally many eating-out options. Indian restaurants are plentiful, due to the high resident Indian population, and also pizzerias and continental restaurants are numerous. On the coast seafood is normally superb – my favourite and something I always recommend.


    Local cuisine tends to be made up a stew, which includes one of the following – rice, chapti, ugali (a kind of maize porridge) or batoke (cooked plantain). The most common stews are beef, chicken, goat and beans. Fish is also used in towns near the coats and lakes. Swahili cuisine tends to be a bit spicier than other Tanzanian food.


    If you do eat local food it is best to ask the advice of your guide, but it can be a great experience and one you shouldn’t miss!

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