What exactly is a full moon?


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I hear about Kilimanjaro full moon, I am planning to Climb Kilimanjaro, when are the dates? do they change? are they exactly or they change? What about the weather?


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    A full moon is the lunar phase when the Moon can be seen in its entirety from Earth. This occurs when Earth is positioned directly between the Sun and the Moon (more exactly, when the ecliptic longitudes of the Sun and Moon differ by 180°).


    So, all of this technical stuff means that once every month the Moon appears to be completely round and beautifully bright in the night sky. It occurs about every 29 days, so you have 12 times in a year to witness the full moon. That’s one opportunity every month to witness this beautiful celestial event from the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

    Full moon dates

    Here’s the schedule for the 202, 2022 and 2023 full moons. If you would like to experience a full moon whilst on your Kilimanjaro climb, then chat to us about when to plan your trip. Please note that the dates provided below are best estimates as per reputable weather forecasting websites. You may find different dates across different Kilimanjaro operator websites. Therefore please don’t rely on this data as gospel. We recommend you double-check dates on weather websites such as timeanddate.com.

    The dates below are for the full moon itself. Your climb will be arranged around these dates so you summit one day before or after. This is because it can get a little busy on the full moon date. The effect and experience of the full moon remains the same one day either side.


    2022 full moon dates

    • 17 January
    • 16 February
    • 18 March
    • 16 April
    • 15 May
    • 14 June
    • 13 July
    • 11 August
    • 10 September
    • 9 October
    • 8 November
    • 7 December

    2023 full moon dates

    • 5 January
    • 5 February
    • 7 March
    • 5 April
    • 5 May
    • 3 June
    • 3 July
    • 1/30 August
    • 29 September
    • 28 October
    • 27 November
    • 26 December

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