Weekend in Mwanza I What to do?


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What are your tips to make the most of your weekend in Mwanza?
What are the places to visit, whether alone, as a couple, with friends or with family? Are there any activities, exhibitions, events that you particularly recommend? What are the organised festivals?

To talk more specifically about your experience, what do you do during the weekends in Mwanza?
Share with us your good plans, your habits and desires for outings.

Thank you in advance for your answers and good discussion! 

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  1. How to spend your weekend in Mwanza? what to do?

    • 1. Sunset at Capri Point. Walk up past Mwanza International School for stunning sunsets over the lake. Any spot will do on the hill!
    • 2. Tepanyaki at Tilapia Hotel – a gorgeous hotel in the centre of town, a real expat hangout. You can also use their pool for TSH 20 000 for the day, or sun loungers for free as long as you’re purchasing food and drink.
    • 3. Swimming and buffet lunch at Malaika Beach Resort. This is Mwanza’s most luxury hotel. On Sunday’s swimming is only TSH 10 000, with a wonderful buffet lunch for TSH 25 000. Swimming is TSH 20 000 on other days.
    • 3. Sunset dinner at Tunza Beach for chilled reggae vibes.
    • 4. Shopping for kitenge fabric in Mwanza’s bustling market and getting gorgeous clothes made with one of the many tailors.
    • 5. See a film at the cinema at Rock City Mall.
    • 6. Boat trips on Lake Victoria and around the infamous Bismark Rock.
    • 7. Mwanza is of course the gateway to the Serengeti, so a safari is pretty unmissable.
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