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I will be in Zanzibar for seven days, coming from Arusha after Safari, we are a family of three and we will in Nungwi, we surely need a taxi, and prefarable uber, is there uber service in Zanzibar?


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    Uber is not available in Zanzibar, but Taxis are clearly marked as such. The prices charged by those from the airport are inflated as is typical. In Stone Town there are designated taxi stands and you can negotiate your fares per usual.


    Once out in resort areas such as Nungwi  there are plenty of taxis. Your hotel will also be able to make arrangements. If you book the driver through your hotel, you will likely be paired with a driver that they know and trust. This may give you peace of mind.


    On the same note, you can read a complete guide to Zanzibar which has all these details:




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