Nakonde Tunduma trip from Mbeya


Nakonde sits next to Tunduma in Tanzania’s Songwe region (Formerly Mbeya), separated by the international border between Tanzania and Zambia. It is located in the Great North Road about 115 kilometres from Mbeya.

The trip to Nakonde from Mbeya Town passes through hills and valleys filled with villages of typical Tanzanian culture. You will get a chance to cross Songwe river which is an important tribute of Lake Nyasa, you will also get a clear view of Mbeya Cement Company, Mount Mbeya itself and Songwe International Airport.

This trip will take you to Tunduma and experience life at the border between Tanzania and Zambia, then we will cross together to Nakonde town on Zambia soil to learn life on the other nation. You will have access to shopping and beverages in Nakonde, of which you may take home without extra charges. We will show you places around town including the famous ZamBeef and Tazara Railway Station.

Border Pass or Passport may not be required for a day trip!

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