My 3 Days Serengeti Safari Itenerary


My 3 Days Serengeti Safari Itenerary: I and my wife went  on a 3 nights Serena Serengeti / 1 night Serena Ngorongoro safari on June/2021. We were 5 and were charged US$420 per person per night. Everything was great about the safari. Our guide was Edward, and that guy has eagle eyes! He could see the animals miles away! When it was our last day and we hadn’t seen the cheetah yet, Edward took us to some pretty deserted roads looking for the cheetahs until he finally found them, a mother with cubs! He was also a very good driver, so we could get the most of our time. We always arrived back at the lodge in the last minutes of daylight.

The management of our trip by Trip Insight Tanzania was pretty amazing, too. Our flight was canceled and we arrived with a 5 hour delay. Since it would not be possible to reach Serengeti on the same day, our outfit organized everything to change our reservations to Ngorongoro first and then to the Serengeti, without any additional cost. And they had no power in Arusha while he was organizing it…

We were supposed to lose one day of our trip but the Trip insight Tanzania management saved it. Then in our last day, our flight was at 4am, so they organized a hotel in Arusha where we could have dinner and some sleep, and he even invited us for a few beers and chatting at the hotel, it was great!

I think we always get a little scared when booking these trips online, but you can trust Husnally and Trip Insight Tanzania. They are very good and honest people, and their prices are very competitive too. Now I’m planning my Kilimanjaro climbing and I’ll go with them again!

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    The most-popular option for a holiday involving a 3-day Tanzanian safari is the Northern circuit. This comprises 2 parks: Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and Ngorongoro! If you dont have enough time YES, you will still enjoy, but in general to visit these two amazing parks in three days is technically possible, but certainly not recommended.


    How many days do you need in Serengeti?


    Serengeti is a huge national park so we would recommend minimum four days in order to properly explore it and find the wildlife. Being so large, you do need to spend time driving around looking for the Big Five, which takes time. Plus in four days you’ll experience different weather and a variety of safari experiences.

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