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Morogoro town is one of the small towns in Tanzania that is located in the most remote area. Its one of the Agricultural towns in the country. The town lies in the agricultural heartland of Tanzania. Its located in the South Central part of Tanzania, its dominated by the highlands. The locals in the area mostly grow cash crops especially Tobacco.

Tobacco is grown and also consolidated at the same area before its taken to the market for sale. Morogoro town is famous as value addition town as they sale little raw materials but like adding value to their crops. The town is also known as a center of the missionary work that goes on in Tanzania. The missionaries built a lot of schools, churches, hospitals and other infrastructure.  The missionary works remains the key attractions in the city.

Morogoro town is a home of Salim Abdulah the founder of Cuban Marimba Jazz band, Morogoro Jazz band which was founded in 1944. By mid 1960s the town was famous as music town with great artists coming from this town. The celebrities also included guitarists, singers, composers and songwriters.

Morogoro town is also a home of the Aamni Center which is one of the greatest support center for the disabled people. It has helped over 3,400 disabled people both in the city center and the surrounding villages. The town was formally known as “Mji kasoro bahari” which means the city short of the ocean

Location and size of Morogoro town  

The town is located in the Morogoro Urban district which is one of the 6 districts that are found in Morogoro region of the great Tanzania. Morogoro town acts as the largest town in the region as well as the capital city of the region.  Its found 196 kilometers on the West of Dar es Salaam which is the largest commercial city of Tanzania. It is also found on the Eastern part of the current capital city Dodoma. Its 260 kilometers away from Dodoma on the East.

Morogoro town lies at the base of the famous Uluguru Mountains. Sokoine University of Agriculture which is the agricultural research base.  The town is bordered by Morogoro Rural district on the East. In the Northern and Western side the town is bordered by Mvomero district. The town covers a total land area of 260 square kilometers with a population of around 315,866 according to the 2012 national census.

Administrative of Morogoro town    

Morogoro town is composed of 4 constituencies. According to the Tanzania constitution and the parliamentary elections. By 2010 elections Morogoro town  has 4 constituencies namely:

  • Morogoro-Kusini-Mashariki Constituency
  • Morogoro Kusini Constituency
  • Morogoro Mjini Constituency
  • Mvomero Constituency

The Morogoro town also has 6 administrative divisions, 29 administrative wards.

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