Medical Mission Trip in Tanzania


Medical volunteers in Tanzania are always welcomed with open arms. Whether you’re a medical student or want to do volunteer nursing in Tanzania, there are plenty of healthcare projects that need extra support. Especially in rural areas! Volunteer for a medical mission trip and support local doctors and hospitals facing problems like:

  • outdated equipment
  • medication shortages
  • insufficient staff
  • growing numbers of patients

Usual tasks in a healthcare volunteer job depend on the knowledge of the volunteers. As a medical volunteer in Tanzania, you will:

  • help local nurses on their rounds,
  • hand out medication
  • work in the maternity ward
  • work in the psychotherapy department
  • Give hygiene and illness prevention talks in local community centers or schools as part of health education and medical program.

A medical mission trip is a perfect way to gain practical experience and do something for the community. Medical volunteers who are studying healthcare can gain university credits during their volunteer experience. You may need to check with your university what the requirements are.

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