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    “Most people who go on a 3-day safari from Zanzibar visit parks in the country’s south, such as Nyerere or Mikumi National Parks, largely because it takes less time to reach these parks. This means you can spend more time on safari rather than traveling.


    This is especially important when you only have 3 days to enjoy your safari. In the case of Saadani National Park, it may have less wildlife, but it’s just across the water from Zanzibar and therefore also keeps your traveling time low. It is possible to visit the northern parks on a 3-day safari from Zanzibar, but you should check what’s involved in getting there.


    In most cases, you’ll need to fly to Arusha from Zanzibar, and then change planes for a flight to the park you’re visiting. Apart from spending longer in the air, you’ll usually also need to take two flights, which can take up valuable time changing planes.”

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