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Iringa health care: Iringa is a town in central Tanzania. It sits on a cliff overlooking the Ruaha River Valley, in the Southern Highlands region. The town center has German colonial buildings and a popular market. The Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery memorializes soldiers who died in local battles during WWI and WWII. From Gangilonga Rock, which was once an important chieftain meeting spot, views stretch over the town. 

Iringa health care: There are a few healthcare facilities available in Iringa which each provide a various range of medical services. Currently, the paramedic services are limited in the city only. In case an emergency, please call 112.  Ambulances generally perform patient transfers to the city’s hospitals.

The following are some of the hospitals and medical centres in Iringa town

Iringa Regional Hospital:

  • Phone: Tel +255-26-2702264
  • Iringa regional hospital is a referral hospital with 445 beds.  Most of the time hospital is over capacity for bed occupancy. Like any other hospital in Tanzania, the waiting time is quite long and patients have to queue for each service needed.
  • Iringa Regional Hospital has the following departments:
    • Medical
    • Pediatric
    • Surgical
    • Orthopedic & Trauma
    • Obstetric & Gynecology
    • Ophthalmology
    • Dental
    • Radiology
    • Laboratory.

Ipamba Hospital

  • Phone: Tel. +255-740-36-3011
  • District hospital located in Tosamaganga, a bit outside Iringa town

Aga Khan Primary Medical Centre

  • Phone: Tel. +255-026-27-0227
  • The medical centre is owned and operated by Aga Khan. It provides outpatient medical services. It has General Practitioners and specialists such as orthopaedic, gynaecologist, and dentistry; Specialists doctors offer services by appointments.
  • Available medical services include:
    • Labour and delivery (without C-section)
    • Maternal and Child Health
    • Clinic
    • Ultrasound
    • X-ray
    • ECG
    • Dental
    • Pharmacy
    • Laboratory tests

Imecc Hospital

  • Phone: Contact: +255-026-270-0186 OR +255-755-411-144
  • IMECC Hospital is located in Gangilonga and it offers both outpatient and inpatient services 24/7.

Other Medical centres

Other medical centres available in Iringa include:

  • UMAT Health Centre
    • Located in Kihesa along Iringa–Dodoma road
  • Frelimo District Hospital 
    • Located in Sabasaba area
  • Police Dispensary
    • Located at FFU Camp
  • Ngome Hospital
    • Located in Kihesa
  • Makosa Dispensary



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