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    The Morogoro bus stand is called Msamvu and is a 10 minute dala-dala ride from downtown. From Msamvu, you can get buses to almost anywhere in Tanzania. Multiple bus lines go to and from the Ubungo bus stand in Dar.


    Hood, BM and Abood are popular lines, cost TSh 10,000 as of January 2021, and leave about every half hour. . From town, to get to Msamvu, take the “Kihonda” daladala from the central daladala stand; or just tell them at the dala stand that you’re going to the bus stand, they’ll sort you out.


    The hoteli/restaurant next to the bus stand, “Makuti”, is not bad, and is a nice place to escape the hustlers, avoid the rain, have a refreshing beverage, etc.

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