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    There are different options you might find if you want to get to Kiwenga from Zanzibar Airport. Remember that, Kiwengwa beach is a popular beach for tourists who are arriving in Zanzibar Islands every year. So, there are many travel blogs have already mentioned different ways to get from Zanzibar Airport to Kiwengwa, such as taking a Dala Dala to Stone town at the bus station which is located outside the Zanzibar Airport, and then take another Dala Dala to Kiwengwa Village. But, remember they will not take you to your Hotel or Apartment, this is not best option to get from the Airport to Kiwengwa if you are in Zanzibar for your Holiday. Getting Dala Dala is super hassle, you will even hate your vacation.

    Another option, is to pick up a taxi at Zanzibar Airport. This is the best option if you have not plan your trip before, of course you will find a taxi at the Airport even though you did not book them before, but get prepared to pay expensive taxi because you do not have bargaining power, Zanzibar Airport is very crowded by the tourists especially during high season, July to February. So, we advise you order a taxi before you arrive at the Airport.


    Best Way To Get From The Airport To Kiwengwa

    The best way to get from Zanzibar airport to Kiwengwa is by ordering a taxi before you arrive at the Airport, and for this reason, that is why we are here to help you order a taxi with us!

    We highly recommend a travelers use this type of transport when they are here in Zanzibar for the holiday, because you arrange everything before you arrive in Zanzibar. You will plan all your costs and timing before you land in our Island. Failure to arrange your transport before might cause you to hate your all vacation time in Zanzibar.

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