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    Getting To Jambiani From Zanzibar Airport

    There are different options you might find to arrive at Jambiani village, South East coast of Zanzibar. First option, you may book a taxi at Zanzibar Airport, these are not pre booked taxi, therefore, prices are actually high because you don’t have bargaining power as they don’t have exactly prices and you didn’t organize before. Another option to get to Jambiani is getting a Dala Dala, which is considered as public transport, this is cheap but too much hassle and cars are not clean, it is not best option if you are in your Holiday.

    And another option to get to Jambiani is Pre Booked taxi like us, depends on how you prepared to visit these beautiful Islands of Zanzibar, but please be care full when you select which option. Make sure to book a taxi before you arrive in at Zanzibar Airport.


    Best Way To Get From The Airport To Jambiani

    The best way to get from Zanzibar airport to Jambiani is by ordering a taxi before you arrive at the Airport, and for this reason, that is why we are here to help you!

    We highly recommend a travelers use this type of transfer, because you arrange costs and time for your transport even before you arrive at Zanzibar Airport. Failure to arrange your transport before might cause you to hate your all vacation time in Zanzibar.

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