How safe is it to travel in Tanzania?


I look forward to visit Tanzania, but I have very minimum information, How safe is it to travel in Tanzania?

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  1. Tanzania is a safe country to travel in. Tanzanians are warm-hearted and generous people and are eager to help and assist visitors. As in all countries, a little common sense goes a long way and reasonable precautions should still be taken, such as locking valuables in the hotel safe, do not carry a lot of camera equipment especially in the major cities, do not wear too much jewellery, do not carry large amounts of cash on your person etc.Guides will monitor your safety in cities and in the game areas. From time to time generalized travel statements are issued concerning travel conditions in the area. For current Department of State announcements and Consular information see

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    This is likely to be one of the top questions people have. Overall, Tanzania is safe though that doesn’t mean it is free from dangers. In tourist areas you are likely to encounter touts.. Petty theft can happen so it is important to secure your belongings.

    Other precautions to take include avoiding walking alone in isolated areas and making sure to use only licensed operators for transportation or tours. Carry your passport and cash/cards on your body whenever possible.

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