How long should you go on safari?


For most travelers, getting to Africa in the first place is going to be quite costly and involve tiring air travel. So you want to stay long enough to make the most of the experience and give your body time to adjust on arrival. It’s also important to take into consideration your own health and not plan a grueling itinerary that will leave you more exhausted than when you arrived.

If you’re restricted to a two-week vacation, then you want to plan your itinerary logically so you aren’t backtracking or spending half your time on the road. Over 14 days, you can easily visit three or even four different wildlife parks without feeling rushed or perhaps add on a beach extension or cultural experience. If you’re limited to just a week, then decide on just a couple of areas to explore in-depth. A Tanzania safari package along the Northern Circuit is ideal, with multiple wildlife parks situated in close proximity so you can easily hop between them.

Deciding where to go in the time you have available is made easier with the help of an expert safari planner. They can draw on their in-country knowledge and logistical expertise to craft a relaxed itinerary while still ensuring you see everything you want to experience.

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