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Dar –es-Salaam  is one of the oldest cities in Tanzania which was founded by the Arab traders. This is the largest and economic city in Tanzania and the rest of East and Central Africa. It’s the 7th largest city in the entire African continent. The city got its name from the Arab word Dar as salaam which means the place of peace. The city started as small fishing village before it developed in to one of the economic prosperous center not only in Tanzania but entire East and Central Africa. To date Dar –es-Salaam city has the largest and the main port that handles almost 90% of the Tanzania total imports and exports.

Dar –es-Salaam city was the first capital city of Tanzania before it was later transferred to Dodoma city.  It is one of the fastest growing population in East Africa. The old city was founded in 1862 by the famous Sultan of Zanzibar surrounding only Mzizima fishing ground.  The small port was built her in Mzizima by the sultan till later the colonial master the Germans under their umbrella the German East African Company established there station here around 1887. In 1907 the Germans started the construction of the Central Line Railway making the city the capital city of by then Tanganyika. Tanganyika was later renamed as Tanzania in 1961 hence making Dar –es-Salaam city a capital city of new Tanzania. It served as the capital city till 1974 when by then the president of Tanzania Mwalimu Julius Nyerere transferred the capital city to Dodoma. However much the capital city was transferred in 1974 it took more time till 1996 when the official transfer of the capital city administration was fully and officially finished.

Dar –es-Salaam has remained the central government bureaucracy focal point till 2018. The city remains one of the prominent and well organized towns in Tanzania. Its architecture was based on the Arabs, Germans, Italians and others. The city is theatre of Music, art, fashion, filmand many more entertainment events. The city harbors the headquarters of the leading financial institutions in Tanzania. Its always considered the leading arrival and departure destination in Tanzania. Dar –es-Salaam city is currently the capital of the Dar –es-Salaam region which is made up of five districts. Dar –es-Salaam region is one of the 31 administrative regions that form the Tanzania country. The five districts that form the great Dar –es-Salaam region include: Kinondoni, Ilala, Ubungo, Temeke and Kigamboni. Dar –es-Salaam city is considered as post World War II city meaning its development erupted after the World War II.

Location of Dar –es-Salaam 

Dar –es-Salaam city is located in the quite bay few kilometers off the Indian Ocean.  Its situated in the South Eastern part of Tanzania along the coastal province. It is a home of the white beaches in some areas.  Dar –es-Salaam city is found on the Western part of Indian Ocean bordering Kurasini in the East.

The city is an industrial city harboring most of the Tanzanian industries which make both goods for export and country consumption. The city has remain hosting different government offices as well as the diplomatic missions and some vital NGOs. Dar –es-Salaam  remains one of the important cities for both Government and business. The city contains the highest concentration of business. The proprietors of the great booming businesses at the city are both locals and foreigners especially people from Middle East and Asians. The city hosts the headquarters of the Tanzania Ports Authority.

The city is well connected with good road networks especially within the city suburbs. The Dar Rapid Transit buses which are mass transit system connect these suburbs to the city central business area. The government also introduced metro buses that are under the direct management of Dar –es-Salaam city bus rapid transit in partnership with Usafiri Dar –es-Salaam (UDA) and the government.

Tourism attractions in Dar –es-Salaam city

Being the busiest city not only in Tanzania but entire East Africa, the city receives more travelers than any other town in Tanzania. The city is the entry and exit point of most of the tourists whop come to Tanzania. It has the largest international airport in the land of Tanzania that is Julius Nyerere international airport. The city was built under different architectures due to the different traders which were first early came to the landing site to conduct trade. The unique different architecture has greatly contributed to the well organization of the city with much tourist’s attractions. The location of the city along the Indian Ocean has also diversified the tourists’ activities at the city. Below are some of the highlighted tourists attractions in Dar –es-Salaam .

The state House

Though the city was transferred to Dodoma, the former state house is now currently serving as the presidential home. This unique house which was built by the colonial master is designed in the western era in 1890s. The state house is out of bounce for the travelers can be viewed at a distance with ristrictions of photography. Its located in Luthuli street in Kivukoni in Dar –es-Salaam city.

The Askari Monument

The Broze monument depicts the Tanzania soldiers that fought the World War 1. It was raised at the center of the Dar –es-Salaam city so as to always remember the great contribution of the Tanzanian men of the Uniform during the World War 1. The monument is both an historical monument as well as the nice picture center.

The national Museum

This is also called the House of Culture, its found at the center of Dar –es-Salaam city. Its one of the key attraction at the city for the travelers who would like to know much about the history of Tanzania. The museum also hosts some of the duged remains of the early man from Olduvai Gorge by Dr Leakey.

The village Museum

This is just a few kilometers away from Dar –es-Salaam city centre. It’s a collection of home steads that are compiled in 15 acres of land. The village is composed of different 16 ethnic groups of Tanzania. This is the only place where you can get all the local tribes of Tanzania represented. If you prefer to know much about the culture of Tanzania the village museum is the best place to visit.

Cathedrals and other churches

The religious travelers will not be left behind during your stay in Dar –es-Salaam city. There are anumber of churches around the city like St Joseph Cathedral, Azania Fort Lutheran Church and many more. These churches were built by the colonial masters the Germans with Roman Catholic style.


Other attractions within or near the Dar –es-Salaam city are the white beaches and the islands like Mbudya Island, Bongoyo Island, Kunduchi Wet “N” Wild Water Park and many more. Dar–es-Salaam city remains a warm welcoming city for both business and leisure travelers.

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