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    The Serengeti offers outstanding wildlife viewing all year round. However, most travellers prefer to include the chance to witness the Great Migration. Winter is the best time to see the herd in Southern Serengeti, while the Western Corridor and Northern Serengeti are the best places to spend the summer and autumn months.


    However, the park becomes rather busy in peak periods and accommodation prices come at a premium. Most Serengeti lodges offer substantially lower rates (often referred to as ‘green season’ rates) in April and May. Moreover, outside peak periods the Serengeti is far less crowded, whilst wildlife viewing options are still superb.


    So… the best time to travel really depends on your personal preferences. That being said: most travellers (and so many people can’t be wrong) pick the dry season (late June – October) for a Serengeti safari. This is the time that the Great Migration is at its absolute prime and your chances of witnessing a river crossing are at their best. Read all about when to travel to the Serengeti.

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