Activities in Serengeti National Park


Activities in Serengeti National Park; are activities always included in the price when booking accommodation in Serengeti?

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    No, safari activities are not always included in the accommodation rate at any lodge. Serengeti safari lodges usually offer two different rates: one that is all inclusive (and thus includes safari activities) and one of the basis of ‘driving in’.


    The latter means that you will arrive at the lodge with your own driver / guide who will also conduct game drives during your stay. Kindly note that not all lodges in the Serengeti offer ‘in house’ activities, but the vast majority does.


    You will find that rates on this website are usually based on an all inclusive basis (so including safari activities) which we think realistically represents the true cost of a Serengeti safari. In case safari actitivities are not included (or can’t be included) we have clearly indicated this.

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