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I am moving to Tanzania, I would like to know the housing situations in TANZANIA, general guidelines of accomodation, can you please assist?

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  1. Where you stay in Tanzania will likely depend on the combination of your budget, length of stay, and personal preferences. One thing is for certain, however – you will not be at a loss for choices! Wherever you go, you are likely to find wifi, and often accommodation packages include half-/full-board.


    I am going to outline the types of accommodation available, categorised by budget, so you can make an informed decision on what will suit you best.


    Back to basics

    There is a variety of basic accommodation in Tanzania available to the lower budget, down to earth traveler. A night in a dorm room in Dar Es Salaam will start at around USD$12, and for a private room, this starts at about USD$18. Hostels are spread out from the city centre to the wide surrounds, thus accommodating the city slickers as well as those who would prefer a slower pace of exploring.


    If you are visiting Zanzibar, budget accommodation is available but less easy to find. Hostels are typically slightly more expensive, with dorm rooms starting at about USD$15, and privates from around USD$20. Most hostel accommodation is available in Stone Town, however, there are also options scattered down the East coast too.


    Cosy comfort

    For a mid-range budget, amidst the standard hotels and guesthouses, you will find a wide variety of accommodation options in various parts of the country as well as Zanzibar. If you are interested in going to the Serengeti, you will find tented camp accommodation as well as rustic and modern bush lodges. Experience the Wildebeest migration from a tented unit, typically starting at a price of as little as USD$200 per unit per night.


    Note that the migration season, between the months of May and August, is peak season and so prices will be highest during this period.


    Lap of luxury

    Sometimes in life one just needs to go all out and really indulge in all of what is on offer at a holiday destination. Tanzania is a great place to splurge on indulgent experiences because a) chances are that your currency is stronger, and therefore will pay much less for a similar level of luxury than what you would pay in your home country, and b) you will be uplifting local business and investing in the country’s economy.


    If you are looking for an idyllic beachside relaxing experience, then you need not look any further than Zanzibar. This island – a short flight away from mainland – has a beautiful East Coast with countless luxury hotels, chalets, and lodges located right on the beaches. Nothing is too much of a request for professional, friendly staff who will cater to your every need


    If you are interested in going more inland for natural and equally delightful experience in the bush, then it is advised you search Ngorogoro or of course the esteemed Serengeti. This sort of trip might include, but is not limited to, spa treatments in a natural setting, bush drives and sundowners, traditional meals throughout the day, bird watching, guided walks, and picnics.

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