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Pack Your Luggage for Traveling

Pack Your Luggage for Traveling

Travelling is all fun until you realize that you have got a list of stuff that you need to fit into one luggage bag. Considering the number of outfits that we want to carry along, particularly for taking an Instagram-worthy picture, and other stuff that might include a turban towel, shoes, accessories, gadgets, etc. we need to find a smart way of stuffing it all in our bag. Therefore, here is an extensive guide about how to pack your stuff accurately and reduce the space in your bag:

Packing Your Clothes:

One of the common packing mistakes that we all have been making throughout our lives is to stack clothes by folding them the way we fold them for putting in the cupboard. They might seem to consume less space, but the truth is, they take all the space! Rolling your clothes is always a great idea. If your clothes were consuming all the space in your luggage bag earlier, they will only occupy half of the space when rolled. You can use the other half for putting up the remaining stuff.

Limiting Your Cloths:

Even if you want to create a new look every day while vacationing, you do not necessarily have to pack your entire wardrobe. Consider increasing the number of tops and limiting the number of bottoms, for example, you can easily pair 3 of your pants with 5-6 tops. To make them look different, you can add accessories like jewelry items, scarves, or jackets. Limiting your wardrobe is always a great idea and makes your packing process seamless.

Using Packing Cubes:

Packing cubs seem to be completely useless. Once you use them, you are never going back to your old packing method again. Packing cubes are great to keep your stuff organized while consuming lesser space. All your stuff will remain in place and you won’t have to worry about your clothes getting tangled or wrinkled. 

Packing Travel Sized Items:

You do not have to carry a large shampoo bottle or toothpaste, rather consider packing travel-sized toiletry bottles. You can find a large number of items that are solely designed to maximize the luggage space while packing for traveling. From a small hairbrush to little make-up items, you can shop travel-friendly accessories to ease your packing process.

Prefer Hard-Shell Suitcases:

If you are an avid traveler, you must have seen how the luggage is usually treated at the airports. When traveling on long routes, make sure to take hard-shell suitcases along. They do not just keep your stuff safe, but you will pack lesser stuff, owning to its fixed shape. If you are the kind of person who keeps on filling the luggage bags, then hard-shell suitcases are best suited for you.

Wear the Bulky Items:

If you have any heavy clothing item, such as a coat or a fur sweater, that is likely to take half the space in your luggage bag, wear it during the flight. It may sound funny to you, but the truth is, it is a practical suggestion.

To Sum it up!

Traveling surely is food for the soul. Exploring new places, meeting new people is always a treat. To make you’re traveling a breezy process and a fun-filled experience, pack smartly. The lesser the stuff you will pack along, the more peace of mind you will enjoy.

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