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Mwanza local Private tour Guides

Mwanza local Private tour Guides

Mwanza Local Private tour guides |  Local Safari Guides in Mwanza| Best City Tour Guides | Mwanza Cultural Activities | Mwanza day tours | Best Guides for Kilimanjaro Mountain  


A private guide is essentially what it says on the tin; a person dedicated to your travel party throughout the duration of your trip, accompanying you to the specific areas you intend on visiting. 

Good private guides are made up of many parts; spotter, tracker, host, storyteller, aide-de-camp and concierge. All of these elements can combine to create a simply unforgettable holiday experience. Although hiring a private guide will add to the cost of an itinerary, the knowledge and experience that they bring with them is simply invaluable.

Tarangire National Park
e Mountains National Park

What are the benefits of having a private guide?

On a privately guided holiday, you’ll get to experience the best of both worlds. You can explore some truly inspirational corners of Africa, all the while benefiting from the knowledge and company of an expert private guide who takes care of every detail from start to finish. Each day will be customised to suit your interests, your appetite for adventure or desire for soulful relaxation.


#1. You’re guaranteed expertise

Years of travelling Africa’s incredible wild places devoted to learning about both its vibrant cultures and iconic wildlife, as well as private guiding at the highest levels, are what a private guide brings to the table. This experience gives rise to ultimate professionalism, extreme composure and unsurpassed competency, leaving you assured that you are in the best hands possible. A private guide’s passion for sharing everything that makes this continent so special adds a unique dimension to your holiday, allowing you to learn more than you dreamed possible about each place that you visit and each face that greets you.

#2. It’s perfect for families

A guided African holiday is highly recommended for families and small groups, especially if you value having a high degree of control over meals, the comfort of private facilities wherever they stay and a flexible daily schedule. Our private guides have been supervising guests for many years, in many different areas. Everyone is different, and we know that. Guides adjust to your needs and requirements and know what you are looking for. They will pass on valuable tips, ensuring you get the most out of your holiday.

Exploring Mwanza City

Top 5 National parks near Dodoma

#3. You’ll have peace of mind

Eliminate all the daunting elements of visiting a foreign country. Forget stressing about whether the hotel, lodge or camp you have chosen will live up to expectations and leave the aggravations of sticking to a complex itinerary to someone else. With a private guide, there’s no need to worry about flight times, transfers and getting to the airstrip on time as everything will be taken care of. Meaning that you are free to absorb all that you see and appreciate the nuances you may otherwise miss. Your safety is also our top priority and we are here to ensure that your stay in Africa will be nothing but one incredible adventure; right through from arrival to departure.

#4. There’ll be continuity throughout

Avoid hearing the same stories or information being repeated from different guides along the way. Having a private guide allows you to learn more from the different areas you have visited, and links various sightings from previous destinations. This way you receive the most out of your trip, ensuring there is continuity throughout. 

#5. You’re promised the best a destination has to offer

To truly get to know a country, you need to meet its people, eat its food and experience its culture. Our private guides will enable you to do just that. They are able to recommend the finest wines, dishes to sample, best photo opportunities and local activities you simply have to experience. With all of these reasons, the only question you need to ask yourself is, why have you not had a private guide before?

Tourist Activities in Mwanza

Saa Nane National Park

The rocky island 500m off Capri Point is Saa Nane National Park. Even though it’s just 0.76 sq km and home to only monkeys and impalas, visiting costs more than some huge wildlife-filled national parks. Although with 70 bird species it does make a worthwhile short excursion for birders. Last entry is at 5pm.

Mwaloni Market

Mwaloni Market, under the roof with the giant Balimi ad, is quite a spectacle. The city’s main fish market, it also has lots of fruits and vegetables, most shipped in on small boats from surrounding villages, and there are almost as many marabou storks as vendors. Welcome to Mwaloni Mwanza - Tanzania

Bismack Rock - Mwanza

Mwanza’s icon, Bismarck Rock, is a precariously balanced boulder atop the lovely jumble of rocks in the lake next to the Kamanga ferry pier. The little park here is a brilliant sunset spot. The Bismack rock has become a famous icon of the city, featuring in many photos for both locals and tourists.

Rubondo Island

Rubondo Island Camp overlooks the vast waters of Lake Victoria. As the only camp in the wild and virtually uninhabited Rubondo Island National Park, it is a truly special place to experience. The park is a haven for chimpanzees — introduced as part of a groundbreaking rehabilitation project in the 1960s — as well as elephants, giraffes, hippos and shy sitatunga antelopes.

Sukuma Museum

The Sukuma Museum in Bujora village is an open-air museum where, among other things, you’ll see traditional Sukuma dwellings, the grass house of a traditional healer, blacksmith’s tools and a rotating cylinder illustrating different Sukuma words for counting from one to 10. It is the site of the well-known Bulabo Dance Festival in June, where dancers compete using a variety of animals as props.

The Rock City Mall

The RockCity Mall, located in Mwanza, Tanzania, is the most innovative Business complex in East Africa, catering local and international Business entities in the region. The Mall has boosted the Mwanza economy but also serves as a corporate building for Shoppers and visitors from all over the Lake zone region. This is the best place for all the shoppings in Mwanza, Everything in one place



Our local guides provide private tours tailored to your needs. If you’re interested in a holiday that goes above and beyond the standard, travelling with a private guide in Tanzania is undoubtedly the most exceptional way to experience this conutry on your own terms. Get in touch with one of our Travel Experts today if you want to organise the tailor-made, privately guided trip of your dreams.


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