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Mbeya Motorcycle guided tour

Mbeya Motorcycle guided tour

Mbeya Motorcycle Guided tour | Mbeya town tour |  Mbeya Cultural activities | Mbeya Travels |  Mbeya Safari tours |  Mbeya Safari to Kitela National Park |  Mbeya Safari to Ruaha National Park |  Mbeya Safari to Selous National Park

Mbeya MotorCycle Guided tour:

Duration: 10 Hours:


Explore the real side of the city, with a mixture of tourist sites and hidden treasures off the beaten track.

Mbeya is the large agricultural capital of southwestern Tanzania (275,000 inhabitants), in a region of beautiful scenery. A large missionary centre, the city was only founded in 1927 by the British. This period is also the period of the gold rush as precious minerals were discovered. Today, the race has faded, but Mbeya continues to provide his golden weight every year. Situated about 100 km from the Zambian border and 860 km from Dar es Salaam by road (which never ends!), it is a beautiful city at an altitude of over 1,700 m, at the foot of mountains rising to over 2,400 m. Although few tourists come here, Mbeya (pronounced [Mbea]) is well worth the detour.

This agricultural region is still little explored by visitors. As the second largest coffee producing region in Tanzania, but the best in the whole country (to the point of having gained popularity in Germany), Mbeya is an important trading centre as it is the only major city between Iringa, Malawi and Zambia, both by road and by train on the Tazara Line (Tanzania Zambia Railway). We also grow tea and bananas.

A few million years ago, it was the scene of very violent volcanic and seismic activity, which today is responsible for the presence of numerous craters, gorges and deep river valleys. So it is worth visiting for example the waterfalls of Kapologwe (in Makete), Nzovwe, Mlowo, Salala, Kitekelo, Nagwamo, Nyihemi or Nyengenge.

Mbeya Cultrural activities

Mbeya Footbal Tour

Duration: 3 hours


If you’re a football fan, then you’re in good company. Leonard can take you and your mates on an afternoon of watching sport and hijinx.

  1. 1. Watch a live football match at the stadium, or go to a local venue to watch the latest international match with  locals.
  2. 2. Have drinks at a local bar before and after the match.
  3. 3. Lunch or dinner from a street food vendor, or at an all-night hot spot in Mwanza, famous for its BBQ.

Need a Fixer?

  1. I’m here to help!

Are you new in Mbeya and wondering where to get your clothes dry cleaned, how to find a reliable plumber, or where the best place to buy good quality kitchenware is?

Or perhaps you’re just busy at work or home and need someone to post a letter or get your groceries

Leonard offers a range of ‘fixer’ / concierge services, helping you to get settled in the city and find out who all the best service providers are.

More about Mbeya Travel Guide:


Planning your trip? Whether you’re looking for things to do in Mbeya such as events and attractions, key traveller information to make your Mbeya visit run smoothly or are planning where to stay in Mbeya, you’ll find everything you need for your Mbeya holiday on Our Website. Mbeya Travel guide has the information about latest events not to miss while you visit Mbeya – there’s always something going on, so don’t miss out on the latest exhibitions, shows and more on your trip Mbeya

Discover the best day trips from Mbeya  or other Tanzania’s Cities. If you’re here as a family, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Dar-Es-Salaam  with kids and find suitable accommodation such as Mbeya holiday apartments. Whether you’re looking for the best weekend breaks in Tanzania or planning a longer holiday in, you can be sure you’ll find all the information you need. 

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