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Mara Travel Guide | Mara Safari tours

Mara Travel Guide | Mara Safari tours

Musoma is a city located in northern Tanzania, situated on the eastern shore of Lake Victoria. It is the capital of Mara Region and is home to approximately 130,000 people. 

Musoma is known for its natural beauty, with stunning views of the lake as well as nearby wildlife reserves. It is a popular destination for tourists looking to experience Tanzania’s diverse culture and nature. 

The city has good infrastructure, with a modern airport, reliable transportation, and a variety of accommodations ranging from budget lodges to luxury hotels.

Best Safari Tours from Mara

A northern Tanzania safari should be on everyone’s travel bucket list. The Serengeti National Park’s Great Migration is one of the most amazing wildlife spectacles in the world, whilst safari on the Ngorongoro Crater floor of the extinct volcano at Ngorongoro is a game viewing environment that has no equal. 

Towering above it all is Kilimanjaro, the worlds highest freestanding mountain and arguably Africa’s toughest challenge. Away from the tourist hotspots, quieter parks such as Tarangire National Park offers superb for game viewing yet often overlooked to their more famous neighbours. The Rift Valley Lakes of Eyasi and Natron are the home of Hadzabe tribes and the breeding grounds for the largest flocks of flamingo on earth. For many people, a Northern Tanzanian safari is the very best safari of all.

Tanzania’s northern safari circuit is the most celebrated safari area in Africa. Home to the world-famous Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater, and the lesser known parks of Lake Manyara and Tarangire, the sheer concentration of Africa’s big game in this area is phenomenal.

Best Safari tours from Arusha
Best tours from Arusha
Tanzania flying in Safaris
Tanzania flying in Safaris
Most itineraries to this region are designed around the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater, with the Serengeti’s Wildebeest Migration and immense predator concentrations as the main attraction, not to mention the Ngorongoro’s big five experience. The area is also home to a variety of different cultures including the Maasai and the Hadzabe, as well as being one of the most scenically striking and diverse parts of the continent.

Mara Travel Guide

Sure, here are some tourist attractions in Musoma, Tanzania along with some information about each: 

1. Bujora Cultural Centre – A living museum that provides an insight into the lives and culture of the Sukuma people. The cultural centre consist of Sukuma homesteads, a museum, dance performances, and more.

2. Rubana Island – A serene island situated along the shore of a beautiful bay on the east side of Lake Victoria. It offers visitors a chance to enjoy water sports, boat rides, fishing, and a chance to explore the traditional life of the local fishermen.

3. Serengeti National Park – Often described as one of the most sought-after wildlife destinations in the world, the park is famous for the annual wildebeest migration. It is home to over 2 million wildebeests, zebras, and gazelles. Visitors can also see lions, leopards, cheetahs, and other African wildlife.

4. Sukuma Museum – This museum showcases the history, culture, and traditions of the Sukuma people, the largest ethnic group in Tanzania. Visitors can learn about their way of life, beliefs, ceremonies, and tools used for farming and fishing.

5. Saanane Island National Park – A small island situated on Lake Victoria, the park is home to a variety of bird species, reptiles, and mammals including gazelles, impalas, and rock hyrax. Visitors can take a boat ride to the island and enjoy game drives, bird watching, and guided nature walks.

6. Bweri Beach – A beautiful beach on the shores of Lake Victoria, the water is usually calm and clean, making it an ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing, and picnics. Visitors can take a walk on the white sandy beach, watch fishermen at work and enjoy stunning views of the sunset.

The best time to visit Musoma, Tanzania is during the dry season, which runs from June to October. During these months, the weather is dry and sunny, with very little rainfall and comfortable temperatures. 

This makes it an ideal time for outdoor activities and wildlife viewing. However, it’s worth noting that Musoma can be hot and humid during the peak of the dry season, so it’s important to bring plenty of sunscreen and stay hydrated. 

If you prefer milder temperatures, then you may want to consider visiting during the shoulder seasons of May or November, or during the wet season from November to May. Keep in mind that the rainy season may bring heavy downpours and the occasional flooding, so it’s important to plan your activities accordingly.

There are several ways to get to Musoma, Tanzania. The most common ways include: 

1. By Air: The easiest way to reach Musoma is to travel by air. You can fly to Mara Regional Airport which is the nearest airport to Musoma. Once you reach there, you can take a taxi or bus to Musoma which is around 116 km from the Mara Regional Airport.

2. By road: There are several buses and taxis that operate from Mwanza to Musoma. The distance between Mwanza and Musoma is approximately 240 km. You can also hire a private taxi or car to reach Musoma.

3. By water: You can also reach Musoma by using the ferry services that operate between Mwanza and Musoma. This is a unique and enjoyable way to travel to Musoma.

Here are some typical foods you may find in Musoma, Tanzania: 

1. Nyama Choma – This is roasted meat, often goat or beef, that is cooked over an open flame. It is usually served with vegetables and a spicy sauce.

2. Tilapia – Being close to the Lake Victoria, tilapia is a popular fish in Musoma. It is often grilled or fried, and served with rice and vegetables.

3. Chapati – This is a type of Indian-inspired flatbread that has become a staple in Tanzania. It is made from wheat flour and commonly eaten with nyama choma or spicy beans.

4. Ugali – This is a starchy dish made from maize flour, water, and salt. It is a common accompaniment to almost every meal in Tanzania.

5. Mishkaki – These are skewered pieces of marinated beef, cooked over a charcoal grill. They are a popular street food in Musoma, and are usually eaten as a snack or with rice.

6. Mchicha – This is a tasty dish made of spinach, coconut milk, tomatoes, onion, and various spices. It is often served as an accompaniment to meat.

7. Pilau rice – This is aromatic rice that is flavored with various spices, such as cumin, cinnamon, and cardamom. It is often served with beef or chicken stew and vegetables

8. Kachumbari – This is a refreshing Tanzanian salad made up of chopped tomatoes, onions, and chili peppers, all marinated in a vinaigrette dressing.

Compared to other popular tourist destinations in Tanzania, Musoma is relatively less expensive. However, the cost of your trip will depend on various factors such as the time of your visit, accommodation options, transportation, and activities you wish to participate in. Overall, Tanzania is known to be a budget-friendly destination for travelers, but it’s always best to plan and research ahead to ensure that you get the best deals and make the most of your budget.

Musoma is a town in Tanzania located near Lake Victoria. The best areas to find accommodation in Musoma are the central district area, which is close to restaurants, shops, and the ferry terminal. Another option is the residential areas to the east of the city center, which is quieter and offers larger accommodation options. Additionally, the beachfront areas on the shores of Lake Victoria offer scenic views and a relaxing atmosphere.

Musoma is generally considered a safe place for tourists, but like any place in the world, it is always important to exercise caution and take necessary safety measures. 

It is recommended that tourists avoid walking alone at night, stay alert in crowded areas, and keep their belongings safe. It is also advisable to seek local advice on areas and situations that may be unsafe. 

Overall, as long as tourists exercise common sense and considerate behavior, they should be able to enjoy a safe and pleasant visit to Musoma.

In Musoma, Tanzania, the most common modes of transportation are motorcycle taxis, known as boda-bodas, and daladalas, which are mini-buses that operate on fixed routes. Taxis and private cars are also available, but they are relatively more expensive. Walking is also an option for shorter distances.

Certainly! Here are some nice places to visit on a day trip from Musoma: 

1. Bujora Cultural Centre – this centre showcases traditional music, dance, and livelihoods of the local Sukuma people.

2. Rubana Hot Springs – this natural hot spring is believed to have healing properties and provides a relaxing place to soak.

3. Mara Buffalo Camp – this campsite offers guided walking safaris in the Serengeti National Park, with experienced guides.

4. Nyamgongo Forest – this lush forest is home to a variety of bird species as well as primates such as colobus monkeys and vervet monkeys.

5. Makunduchi Dolphin Tour – this tour takes you to the fishing village of Makunduchi where you can see dolphins in the wild, go snorkeling, and visit the local market.
I hope one of these options catches your interest!