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List of Bus Companies in Tanzania

List of Bus Companies in Tanzania

This post list bus companies in Tanzania. An important factor in the development of society is transportation. Yes, the movement of people, goods, and services from one point to another is absoluter necessary.  Without it there can be no progress, no sustainable development, both in the mental development of the society or in the economy of the region. 

Therefore bus companies or bus lines play very important role in the transportation area of the economy. They help people travel from one place to another taking along their knowledge or expertise, as well as goods and whatever service they offer. Without bus companies, society would soon go back to the age of horse-drawn carts and buggies where it took weeks to travel distance that we now travel in day or two. 



BM Coach Tanzania Bus Routes: Morogoro To Dar es salaam Turiani To Dar es salaam Morogoro To Arusha Via Chalinze / Msolwa Turiani To Arusha Morogoro To Masasi Via Dar e salaam Dar es salaam To Arusha Via Msata / Chalinze Dar es salaam To Dodoma


Dar Lux Bus Routes: Dar es salaam To Mwanza Dar es salaam To Mbeya Dar es salaam To Arusha Dar es salaam To Nairobi via Namanga Dar es salaam To Tunduma Dar Es Salaam To Kahama Dar Es Salaam To Bukoba - They have very nice vehicles in mentioned routes


Kilimanjaro Express Bus Routes: Dar es salaam To Arusha Dar es salaam To Moshi Dar es salaam To Rombo Arusha To Morogoro Via Chalinze Dar es salaam To Mbeya Dar es salaam To Tunduma - They have very nice vehicles, and reliable in mentioned routes.


Dar Express Bus Local & Cross Boarder: Routes Dar es salaam To Moshi Via Chalinze / Bagamoyo Dar es salaam To Arusha Dar es salaam To Karatu Dar es salaam To Rombo Dar es salaam To Nairobi Via Namanga - The company have been in business for many years.


Mghamba Express Is one of the best and oldest company for Traveling between Moshi and Mwanza City. They started to transit passenger long time ago
Mghamba Express Bus Routes: Moshi To Mwanza Moshi To Geita Arusha To Mwanza


Shabiby Line Routes: Dodoma To Dar es salaam Dodoma To Arusha, Moshi via Singida Dodoma To Mbeya via Mtera Dar es salaam To Singida Dodoma To Same Via Arusha Dodoma To Nairobi Via Arusha Dodoma To Tunduma Via Iringa Dodoma To Nairobi Via Namanga.


Abood Bus Services Routes: Morogoro To Dar es salaa Morogoro To Arusha Morogoro To Mwanza Dar es salaam To Mwanza Dar es salaam To Mbeya Dar es salaam To Tunduma Dar es salaam To Kilombero Dar es salaam To Iringa. Well known in Southern route.


Marangu Coach Bus service serve their passengers on the Dar es salaam To Arusha via Moshi with daily bus schedulea as their main route.Marangu Coach Bus Routes: Arusha To Dar Es Salaam via Bagamoyo/Chalinze Moshi To Dodoma via Arusha

Public Bus service in Tanzania is not unregulated Industry. There are several goverment agencies concerned with the development of this Industry, and the provision of quality service to the general public. Other responsible bodies have also taken an interest in the bus service sector, so as to help them grow and ensure stability in the Industry, which in turns translate to a better life for the general public in Tanzania. We highlight some of them below:

The Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA)

The Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA) is a Government Regulatory Authority established by the Act of Parliament No. 3 of 2019. The Act repelled the act of the former regulator, Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA). The Authority is set to regulate the land transport sectors particularly, transportation of goods and passengers (commuter buses, inter city buses, goods carrying vehicles, taxi, motor cycles and try cycles), railways and cable transport. LATRA has its Head Office in Dar es Salaam, and has regional offices in all twenty six (26) regions of the Mainland Tanzania.

Tanzania Bus Fares as per (LATRA)

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Safaris & Tours

Tanzania is one of Africa’s top safari destinations. The wildlife viewing is out of this world and big cats are especially easy to see. All members of the Big Five can be found in various Tanzanian parks and reserves, and all five are present in the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park.

Mountain Climbing

The most frequent expeditions are obviously to Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru, but there are also other destinations such as the Crater Highlands. Trekking companies will happily put together an itinerary that suits your preferences and all other important details for your comfortability.

Beach Holidays

Unguja/Zanzibar Island, is the main island in the Tanzania. Stone Town, part of Zanzibar, is an old trade center, with mosques and winding lanes. The 1883 House of Wonders is a former sultan’s palace with a clock tower. The Old Fort now houses a cultural center and a stone amphitheater, The best beaches!

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