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Kilimanjaro airport transfers to Arusha

Kilimanjaro airport transfers to Arusha

Kilimanjaro airport transfers to Arusha 

Your journey to the airport at the beginning of your holiday, as well as making it to your hotel or villa when you arrive at your destination needn’t be as difficult as you think. If you choose not to drive to your Tanzania  departure airport, there are a host of other options to choose from including coach, or booking a private car or taxi. 

We have some of the best value offers to get you on your way. Likewise, if you book a holiday where transfers aren’t included, you needn’t be worried about where to go when you arrive. There are lots of options as we are offering competitive rates on coaches and taxis to get you safely to your holiday destination.We can guarantee the best product for you. 

Kilimanjaro Airport Transfers to Hotels in Arusha

We offer  transfers from Kilimanjaro and Arusha  airport and  to hotels in Arusha and Moshi. We also offers transfers from hotels from arusha and Moshi to Kilimanjaro airports at affordable prices. The company allows for online booking, where you can get online pricingavailability and confirmation. This is a guaranteed Kilimanjaro and Arusha  Airports Pickups with no waiting charges. Assuring you of on time waiting and Pick up with Cleancomfortable cars, Branded and non branded Cabs for all your taxi Ride transfers to and From Kilimanjaro airport.

Taxi and Shuttles from Kilimanjaro Airport To: Mount Meru Hotel, Mrimba Palm Hotel, Africa Safari Arusha, The Charity Hotel Iinternational, Venus Premier Hotel, Green Mountain Hotel, Arusha backpackers Hotel, Tulia Boutique Hotel & Spa, Gran Melia Arusha, New Hotel Aquiline, Graceland Hotel, Four Points by Sheraton Arusha, The African Tulip, Arusha Planet Lodge, Fan Retreat Resort, The Lodge Tellamande, Meru House Inn, Palace Hotel Arusha, Mount Meru Game Lodge, Rivertrees Country Inn, Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge, Fun Retreat Resort, SG Premium Resort, Kibo Palace Hotel Arusha, Machweo Retreat, Onsea House, Arusha Coffee Lodge, Lake Duluti Lodge, Rivertrees Lodge, Moivaro Coffee Estate

Kiliimanjaro Airport to Arusha
Frequenty Asked Questions

YES! A currency exchange office and one or more ATM’s can be found at the airport.

The price for a taxi ride from Kilimanjaro Airport to Moshi is at least 110,000 TZS or $50. For a taxi from Kilimanjaro Airport to Arusha you will pay 120,000 TZS or $55. If you are traveling alone or with two people, you have the option of sharing a taxi with other passengers (Shared Airport Shuttle Rides), it saves some money.

Two Hours, When you are departing Tanzania, it is recommended that you arrive at the airport two hours before your flight time. Note that you will not be able to get your boarding pass from the airline booth until it is within three hours of your departure.

Most ATMs in Tanzania charge fees ranging from $3-$4.

The withdrawal limit is normally 400.000 Tsh, but lower in rural areas. Since you probably do not want to have your pockets full of money, we also advise you to bring a credit card.

  1. Arrive in the right spot — and at the right time. …
  2. Check in. …
  3. Go through the security checkpoint. …
  4. Find your gate. …
  5. Wait at the gate. …
  6. Board the airplane. …
  7. Retrieve your luggage. …
  8. Exit the airport and enjoy your trip.

Best Places To Stay In Arusha

Arusha is the beating heart of Tanzania’s tourist industry as safaris begin here everyday. It is nestled on the foothills of Mount Meru and has a welcoming feel. It is great for a nights stop over before beginning your Tanzanian adventure.  There are loads of places to stay in Arusha, below are some of our favourites

Machweo Retreat

Machweo Retreat is the newest addition to Onsea House, its sister property.  Onsea House is one of Arusha’s best little properties and Machweo retreat is right next door, replicating the same level of quality in service and rooms.  The food here is exquisite and some of the best in east Africa.  Onsea House or Machweo Retreat are our first choice properties in Arusha, and if these are full then we recommend Rivertrees and if you are looking for something a little more upmarket and luxurious then the Arusha Coffee Lodge.

Onsea House

Onsea House is without doubt Arusha’s best value property.  The food here gets more thumbs up than anywhere else the country.  The location, rooms and service are excellent making the most appropriate one or two night stop in Arusha.  Onsea is owner run and because of this and the welcoming lodge layout, you feel very much at home.  There are other places to stay in Arusha but nowhere has received such repeatedly good feedback.  If you do want the luxuries of a top end lodge then look at the Arusha Coffee Lodge, but this is a great money saver.

Arusha Coffee Lodge

There are few luxury properties in and around Arusha, of all these the Arusha Coffee Lodge is the best.  Owned and run by Elewana, this property maintains great levels of quality and service.  Being located on a working coffee plantation allows a different sort of feel and air to your stay.  A stay in Arusha would normally be a one night stop, at most, two. If you are looking for something a bit cheaper then Onsea House or Machweo Retreat would be our first choice and if they are full then Rivertrees is the next best option.

Lake Duluti Lodge

There are a variety of accommodation options in Arusha and they cover the whole range of standards and quality, and of course price. Lake Duluti is at the higher end of the market and an ideal stop over before or after a luxury safari. It has amazing rooms, it is in a great location and with it comes a tremendous service. Along with the Arusha Coffee Lodge, these two properties would be our recommended high end Arusha accommodations.

Rivertrees Lodge

This is one of Arusha’s best small properties. It is rural and tranquil and offers an excellent level of service with lovely rooms.  The restaurant here is a favourite in the area and the lovely backdrop of Mt Meru make this a very peaceful setting.  Onsea House would be its closest match and if you are looking for something more upmarket and stylish then look at the Arusha Coffee Lodge.  Rivertrees is furthest away from the Arusha airport, however, it is a great choice for a peaceful night after your international flights.

Moivaro Coffee Estate

With quite a range of lodges and small hotels to choose from these days in and around Arusha, this lodge stands out as being a good choice. With good service and clean, airy rooms the lodge is well managed. It has a good sized pool for those who may have come off Kilimanjaro, otherwise ideal for a quick dip in the afternoon after arriving from anywhere else. A good option for those looking for a quiet and charming stoop over point on their way through. Excellent for families, but if you are looking for small intimate place, look elsewhere.

Where to eat in Arusha?

Hot pizza at Rivertrees Country Inn.

But lunch may be a different story and we encourage you to strike out. There are a few restaurants and bars on Haile Selassie Road that your guide may take you to for casual dining. Otherwise, hit a different lodge for pizza with a twist or tapas enjoyed under the trees, birds and monkeys playing in the branches above you.

Restaurant at Arusha Coffee Lodge

Most travellers choose to take their meals at their lodges, which makes sense for breakfast and dinner when you don’t want to venture too far from the comfort of your room, especially after a long journey.

Delicious tapas at Legendary Lodge.

Because the Arusha area is so fertile (hence all the delicious coffee), many lodges have thriving kitchen gardens where fresh produce makes it straight from the soil to your plate. Not only does this cut down on food air miles but it also creates awesome job opportunities and gives you real flavour.


There is no shortage of restaurants in Arusha.  Most top-end restaurants are found in upmarket hotels and shopping centres.  There is a variety of cuisine ranging from cheaply made local meals to pricey seafood dishes. In Arusha you will find Chinese, Indian, Mediterranean, and International restaurants offering Ethiopian, Japanese and Malaysian cuisine.  For the more adventurous the local ‘Swahili-style’ cuisines are a must. You will be served either spicy seafood, chicken, ugali, cassava, or plantain.