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Getting around Dodoma I Dodoma Guide

Getting around Dodoma I Dodoma Guide

Getting around Dodoma | Tanzania Capital City|  Best Hotels in Tanzania | Top wildlife tours from Tanzania | Flight deeals from Tanzania | Dodoma City Guide  | Dodoma Day Tours | Tanzania Travel Guide

Getting around Dodoma

Once you have been to any city getting around in ease is the first priority you need to know everything about the city in minimal time and in comfortable seats. Getting around in Dodoma is nevertheless a great experience to have and there are many options. You can access it with your feasibility and ease.

Everything has its cons with the pros you just know what to choose, so choose wisely and there you go have an amazing time on the streets of Dodoma. You do not have to worry about.

There are many ways of getting around in Dodoma just figure out which one would be the best for you:

Car & Motorcycle or Boda Boda

Parking anywhere in the city centre costs Tsh1000 per day – an attendant with tickets is likely to be lurking not far from where you park.

For any serious safari, you’ll need a large 4WD (ie Toyota Landcruiser) with a pop-top roof for wildlife viewing. It’s worth shopping around, as quoted prices can vary significantly. Do your sums carefully, particularly in regard to included kilometres, as extra kilometres are charged steeply – between US$0.50 and US$1 per kilometre.

You can get smaller and cheaper RAV4-style 4WDs, but they’re not ideal for wildlife viewing, although they’re generally fine during the dry season. Expect to pay around US$600 per week with around 100km free per day.

Boda boda in Dodoma

Dalla-dalla & Taxi:

Dalla-dallas (minibuses; Tsh400) run along major roads from early until late; there’s a big dalla-dalla stand west of the stadium, off Stadium St. There are taxi stands all around the city centre, including on main Streets of Dodoma, and some park in front of most hotels, even many budget ones. A ride across town, from Dodoma City Center to neaby area (3), for example, shouldn’t cost more than Tsh5000. The usual asking price for both motorcycle taxis and bajajis (tuk-tuks) is Tsh2000 for a ride in the city centre.

Getting around Dodoma

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