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Dar es salaam Transfer to Mafia Island

Dar es salaam Transfer to Mafia Island

Mafia Island is a perfect escape from the fast pace and busy daily lifeThis island is still pure and untouched, which means there are no tarmac roads and only few tourists. It’s like Zanzibar a few decades ago. The atmosphere is peaceful and the islanders are very friendly.
Mafia is part of the Zanzibar Archipelago and surrounded by some of the richest coral reefs in the world. Almost half of Mafia’s coastline is part of the Mafia Island Marine Park, a park full of coral reefs, mangrove forests and lagoons. This is the largest protected area in the Indian Ocean. 

The barrier reef is a dream to divers and snorkelers. It has 50 different corals and more than 460 species of fish! Mafia’s incredible and pure dive spots have remained a well-kept secret. Mangrove forests surround most of the island, therefore the deserted beaches are not as wide as the ones in Zanzibar, yet still beautiful. The dazzling marine life is the main feature of the island.  This is the place to spot humpback whales, turtles and the biggest fish on earth – the whale shark. Thus, Mafia Island is a unique place for travellers and honeymooners to unwind after their Tanzania Safari.

Dar es salaam Airport Transfer to Mafia Island

Here at Serengeti Trips Transfer, we see no reason why luxury and excellent service need to be expensive.  Why should you have to spend a great portion of your vacation money on transportation when you have such a majestic island awaiting? The simple answer- you shouldn’t. We believe in keeping our fares low while keeping our standards of quality and greatness higher than that of our competitors.

We also believe in delivering our customers exactly what they want. If that means that you want to go sightseeing on the way to your resort, simply let your driver know and he or she will take you to some of the many highlights St Lucia has to offer.

You’ll know your driver as soon as you step out of the airport, as they will be waiting with a sign bearing your name as well as a friendly smile. You needn’t worry about loading your luggage into the vehicle, either, as our drivers are more than happy to provide this service for you.

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Mafia Island Travel Guide

Mafia Island is located on the archipelago of Zanzibar but it is not administratively part of it. It is attached to the Pwani region in mainland Tanzania, unlike the island of Pemba and Unguja which are semi-autonomous (Zanzibar).

Mafia Island is the least touristy of the 3 main islands and by far the least developed and populated. Follow this article if you hesitate between the 3 main islands of the archipelago:

🔎 Which island to visit: Pemba, Mafia or Zanzibar?

There are 2 ways to get to Mafia Island:

1. By bus and boat
2. By plane

Between the wild countryside for hiking and animal watching, the incredibly rich marine fauna for its diving and snorkeling, the deserted beaches for relaxation, Mafia is an island where you can not get bored.

There are enough options in Mafia to stay, namely: bungalows, guest houses, pensions or lodges at all prices. There are simply no hotels like one might find in the big cities of Zanzibar, or even hostels.

1. Luxury

Average cost: more than $100 per night

Meremeta Lodge (Utende)*
Chole Treehouse Lodge (Chole)
Maisara Lodge (Kilindoni)
Kinasi Lodge (Utende)*


2. Mid-range

Average cost: about $30 per night

Afro Beach Bungalows (Kilindoni)
Whale Shark Lodge (Gamboni)
Ibiza Inn (Kilindoni)
Chole Foxes Lodge (Chole)
Juani Beach Bungalows (Kilindoni)
Mafia Beach Bungalows (Utende)*


3. On a budget

Average cost: less than $15 per night

Mgeni Homestay (Gamboni)
Simba Lodge (Kilindoni)
Didimiza Guesthouse (Utende)*


 Utende is located on the Marine Park, which is a nature reserve. An entrance was placed before arriving in the commune. When you pass it, you have to pay $23 by credit card only. You have to pay this amount for each day spent at this place because it is the rate of the reserve for tourists (smart!).


4. Wild camping

Camping on Mafia Island is possible. I did 5 days of bivouac by the sea, and it was worth it. I talk about it in the link below. Just avoid camping around ponds and marshes because not only are they filled with mosquitoes, but you could also stumble upon hippos in the middle of the night. 


Restaurants can be found at most lodges on the island. As you might expect, there is plenty of fish and seafood. A full meal in a restaurant costs between $10 and $15 on average.

The food is very good on the island and the price of seafood that is at exorbitant prices at home is ridiculous on the island. Although it is less offered, you will still find meat and chicken but they are more expensive. A famous place to eat fish very well cooked in Kilindoni and at a good price is: Hippopotamus food point


Street food

There is plenty to do everywhere, especially in Kilindoni. I say street food because in the evening there are people who place themselves with their pots and pans and a few stools in the streets to eat well at a lower price, about $1.

There are also many fast foods where you can eat an omelet, fries, 5 skewers and potatoes for example for a few dollars.


Ugali, a Tanzanian Famous dish

There are many small huts along the roads where you can eat the national dish called ugali. It is a ball of agglomerated flour served with spinach, beans and fish. You will spot these places thanks to buckets of water and basins in front of the entrances to wash your hands. You will often find fish cooked in these places and rice, which is grown on the island, for about 2,000 TSH.

By boda-boda

The most common option for getting around Mafia Island is the boda-boda. It is these motorcycle taxis that you find absolutely everywhere. Even lost in the depths of the island, you can find someone who rolls empty. Count about 1,000 TSH for 3 km. Around the cities, you will even find them at 4am.

By tuk-tuk

You can also travel by rickshaw, although they are common. The price is about 1500 TSH for 2 km.


By taxi

Truth be told, there are almost no cars on the island but you can find these services at your lodges. As for the prices, I cannot tell you, having never used them.


By bus

In view of the few inhabitants who live on the island, buses are very few but you can use them to go anywhere from Kilindoni to the north of the island for a few shillings.


Mafia Island allows all types of travelers to get there: both the luxury tourist and the backpacker on a tight budget. According to my research, I’ve found a lot of people who can spend more than $200 a day. But Mafia can also be visited for 10 times less than this budget.

Travelling to Mafia Island on a budget

It’s quite possible. I spent an average of $20 a day.

What does include:

● A double room 2 minutes from the beach
● 4 proper meals a day
● Alcohol
● Transportation

What does not include:

● Activities costs and fees

Indeed, the difference in budget will simply be seen according to the activities you will do on the island

Cheap stay

To sleep, you can look in the section reserved for accommodation. My best match in Kilindoni was Mgeni Homestay a short walk from a great beach and close to plenty of street restaurants for a very cheap price.

Otherwise, you have Simba Guesthouse which is even cheaper (10,000 TSH) but it is secluded and far from everything.

Most of these backpacker accommodations (but still comfortable huh!) are not all on MAPS but just ask the locals because there are enough. Even in Utende in the middle of big lodges.

Didimiza guesthouse for example, which costs less than $20 a night and located right in front of the sea.

Most activities cost between $30 and $60, everything is affordable. Both to swim with whale sharks, to isolate yourself on a sandbank lost in the ocean, to go diving (…). I suggest you follow the link below where I have listed the best tourist activities on the island and their prices.