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Chunya Taxi | Songwe Airport

Chunya Taxi | Songwe Airport

Taxi Service in Chunya: WhatsApp/Call: +255 759 694 668

A quick and easy way to get around town

Ideal for getting to/from the airport/Bus Stand or any other place, or just to travel from your home or hotel room to a nearby destination, taxis and shuttles are a quick and convenient way to get around town. Choose the option that best fits your needs and kick your feet up while enjoying Mbeya’s scenery.

Our Taxis  are located at the airport, many hotels, attractions and shopping centers. Base fare and rates are displayed on the meter and include a flag drop charge plus a per-mile and/or a per-hour charge. 

Chunya  shuttle services from Songwe airport are a convenient way to navigate the city and are ideal for airport pick-ups and drop-offs, as well as going to and from the convention center and cruise ship terminal. 

Shuttle service from the airport is available everywehre in Chunya through Email Booking/Call/Whatsappp

Chunya Map in Mbeya

Your goal is to reach your accommodation as quickly and hassle-free as possible. Save precious time and energy with our Meet and Greet Service which is absolutely free at Songwe airport –  Railway Station and Bus Stations. No waiting in long taxi queues or tiresome bus transfers. 

Ride comfortably in the care of the most professional chauffeurs in the industry. Our drivers enjoy their job, are good and experienced at it. They will make sure that the whole of your journey feels safe and comfortable. You will find the right vehicles for any occasion in our fleet. 

We can also offer high-quality VIP vehicles that can accommodate up to 6 passengers at a time

Chunya Taxi Service FAQ

Very! Our taxi booking form, placed on the top of the page, makes your transfer reservation very simple and easy. You can make a booking in 2 minutes.

  • You can book a taxi with the Booking Application. Also you can go to simple Contact form for booking and fill out the contact form. Or call by phone +255 759 694 668. The easy and quick way is to use the booking application, because you will enter all necessary data and you will avoid later corrections to your data for taxi booking.
  • Sometimes you can arrange transportation in ten minutes, but we suggest that you book, at least two days prior to departure or we recommended booking when you already have arranged reservations (airline ticket, Safari, etc.) Cancellation of the service is completely free of charge 24 hours before the service, except for group services on a cruise where you share the transport with other passengers.

Canceling a taxi order is 12 hour before execution completely free. It can be done by taxi booking application, by phone or via contact form. Easiest way is to cancel a taxi order by booking application.

Our driver will be waiting in the airport building at the arrivals. With the Sign in his hand, which containing your name or the name you had provided in your booking.

Go to the information point. Our drivers have instructions after one hour of waiting to go there and call you by name. Call our support center at the number +255 759 694 668, where our assistent will help you quickly.

Our assistents are monitoring all flights. If there is long time delay we recommend that you let us know. If you missed the plane, please immediately call our center  +255 759 694 668.

Trip Insight Tanzania – Service Provider

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