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Best time to Climb Kilimanjaro

Best time to Climb Kilimanjaro

Though climbing Kilimanjaro can be done throughout the year, some months are extremely dry and cold. Therefore, it is better to plan before you opt for the challenge. The seasons to climb are June to October and from December to March. The summit temperature is around – 7 degrees Celsius, with 22 degrees Celsius at the mountain base during this time. Read on to know more about the accurate time to trek on the top of Kilimanjaro.   

  • If you choose the trekking months mentioned above, climbing mount Kilimanjaro has a higher chance of experiencing snowfall. However, trekking from January to March has quiet slopes than what you can experience during the rest of the year.
  • June-October months tend to be busy ones

  • The wettest months are November, April, and March and therefore, climbing can be a little bit tougher than other months.
  • December to May is the ideal time to experience snowfall, cold and pleasant temperature

Best time to Climb Kilimanjaro by Months

Kilimanjaro parking list

Climb Kilimanjaro in January and February

Ideal trekking conditions with mostly dry, clear days, and good visibility. Occasional showers and a good chance of snow over 14,000ft, making for some epic photo opportunities. While this is considered “high season”, it’s often quieter on the slopes than the main climbing season of June to September, making it a good balance of not-too-crowded and decent weather. Best for: Hikers who want to minimize crowds, whilst still having dry conditions. Snow on the summit is a bonus.

This is lemosho Route Kilimanjaro

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro in March, April and May

The long rainy season starts at the middle on the way to the end of March and continues through to early June. We do not recommend climbing Kilimanjaro during this time, as the trails can be very wet, muddy and snowy. Climbing in the rain is likely to be less enjoyable and means you’ll miss out on the spectacular views and photo opportunities. On the other hand, if you do choose to trek at this time of year, you’ll avoid the crowds on the trails and at the campsites.

Kilimanjaro Climb Rongai Route

Climb Kilimanjaro Mount Kilimanjaro in June

June sees the transition from the rainy season to the dry season, so this month tends to be much drier than March, April and May. However, you should be prepared for cold temperatures and the skies are typically still cloudy, which means that you won’t necessarily have such impressive views. No one can real predict the outsomes and so there are chances to have good experience and ther weather or things might change anytime, not very bad, but if you can avoid june is also good.

Climb Kilimanjaro in july, August, September or October

From July until the end of October, conditions are generally colder, but much drier than the previous months. Whilst there is a chance of getting rained on throughout the year, particularly as you trek through the rainforest and moorlands, typically precipitation is low and infrequent. If you remain dry, you’ll be more comfortable and the trek will be a more enjoyable experience overall. Another advantage of climbing during these months is that you’ll have clear and sunny skies, and spectacular views.

Lemosho Route Kilimanjaro 10 Days

Climb Kilimanjaro in November and December

Tanzania's short rainy season starts at the beginning of November and continues until the beginning of December. Afternoon rains are common, but you can expect clear skies in the mornings and evenings. This is not considered an ideal month to trek Mount Kilimanjaro, as conditions can be very wet, muddy and slippery. We would recommend the Rongai route or Northern circuit route as the northern side of the mountain is more sheltered and has less overall rainfall. Best for: Avoiding crowds.

Climb Kilimanjaro Mountain during full moon

A full moon is the lunar phase when the Moon can be seen in its entirety from Earth. This occurs when Earth is positioned directly between the Sun and the Moon. So, all of this technical stuff means that once every month the Moon appears to be completely round and beautifully bright in the night sky. It occurs about every 29 days, so you have 12 times in a year to witness the full moon. That's one opportunity every month to witness this beautiful celestial event from the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.


Trip Insight Top Tip

The best weather is somewhere between July and October and from January to March to  visit Kilimanjaro Safari Tanzania. However, to enjoy the tropical beach holiday to its fullest, choose between June and March for the best experience.If you remain dry, you’ll be more comfortable and the trek will be a more enjoyable experience overall. Another advantage of climbing during these months is that you’ll have clear and sunny skies, and spectacular views.

The disadvantage of trekking during these months is that the trails can become quite busy, however some people welcome the opportunity to chat with other groups at the campsites. After all, team spirit is essential for pushing yourself to the summit.


Mount Kilimanjaro guides and Porters

The importance of having competent, high quality guides and porters cannot be overstated when it comes to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Our Kilimanjaro Hiking Guide Services are considered to be the best guiding experience. Trip Insight Tanzania uses local Kilimanjaro guides, all of whom have received extensive training in first aid, mountain rescue, flora, fauna, and geology. All are registered with Kilimanjaro National Park (KINAPA). Our Kilimanjaro guides are very experienced, with most having climbed more than 100 times! They are professionals who intimately know the mountain.