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Arusha Cultural Tours | Cultural Toursim

Arusha Cultural Tours | Cultural Toursim

Arusha Cultural tours:

‘Authentic African cultural experience, far from the crowd’
We the people of Arusha are pleased to welcome visitors to experience real African rural life through:

Cultural activities

  • #1. Agro-tourism
  • #2. A guided Cultural Village walking tour
  • #3. A banana experience tour
  • #4. A coffee experience tour (Farm tour and traditional coffee processing)
  • #5. A bird watching experience with locals
  • #6. A glance view of Wa-meru culture and history
  • #7. A visit to Nringaringa: epicenter of Meru culture and traditional administration
  • #8. A home-stay experience with local families
  • #9. A farm experience
  • #10. A traditional African dishes cooking experience/lessons
  • #11. Barbeque and story telling

Hiking programs

  • #1. A hike to Rumale hill
  • #2. A hike to Nkwerangya and Kirundumin waterfalls
  • #3. Seela Shimbumbu hill hiking
  • #4. Mount Meru village full day hiking

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Other day trips and excursion tours:

  • #6. Day trip to chemka hotspring kikuletwa
  • #7. Day trip to lake chala
  • #8. Day trip to lake duluti
  • #9. Arusha city tour

Environment Conservation Projects:

  • #1. Coffee and tree planting
  • #2. Bee keeping


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