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Arusha Airport Transfers | Taxis & Shuttles

Arusha Airport Transfers | Taxis & Shuttles

ARUSHA AIRPORT TRANSFERS – WhatsApp/Call: +255 759 694 668


We Provide service that is reliable and affordable in all cities across in Tanzania. We make transportation from airports (Arusha airport transfers and other Cities)  simple with professional drivers and high quality vehicles. As part of your airport transfer with us, one of our professionally-trained drivers will greet you with a name sign in the arrivals hall of the airport, ready to help you with your luggage and guide you to your top of the range vehicle. It is recommended to tell us your flight number so that your driver can make sure they’re picking you up in the correct place and adapt to any changes in your flight’s schedule.

If you are visiting what is often called Tanzania’s Safari city, make sure you book your Arusha Airport transfer with us. Our shuttle services are equally renowned for their affordability so you won’t have to spend unnecessary pennies on your journey, leaving you more cash in your wallet to invest in having a good time. With literally thousands of Safari Options, this city is a magnet for adventures. We offer some great budget options to get you and your party to your final destination: from shared taxis to private cars to seats on shuttle buses, you won’t leave anybody from your group behind at the airport. Reserve your ideal Arusha Airport transfer solution as soon as you’ve booked your flights.

Why Book your airport transfers with us?


Convenient Pickups

Our driver will pick you up from inside the airport terminal. As soon as you have collected your baggage you’ll meet your driver who will be holding up a sign with your name on it. From there you will be shown straight to your car to get to your destination as soon as possible.


Flight tracking

When you are booking an airport pickup we encourage you to enter your flight number. This allows your driver to know exactly where to pick you up if there are multiple arrival areas. It also means we can track your flight and simply adjust the pickup time if your flight is delayed.


Free waiting time

Once you have arrived at the airport there is up to 60 minutes free waiting time included in each booking – depending on your booking class. We understand it can often take longer than expected to reach your driver and so we give you a bit of extra time.

What Makes our Service Exceptional?

Comfortable and cost effective transportation

Our drivers are required to meet high standards of professionalism, courtesy and friendliness so that they can fulfil our mission to make your airport shuttle experience as stress-free and efficient as possible. We also recruit from local operatives who have a wealth of knowledge and who are encouraged to help you out with tips and ideas about Sofia or anywhere that you are heading from the airport. Not only will you be spared the bewilderment of trying to find your way from Arrivals to your hotel, you’ll be able to pick the brains of your local driver for the best things to see and do during your stay.

Gap Between Transfers

Following each ride, our drivers have at least 20 minutes to thoroughly clean the surfaces of the car and ventilate the cabin.

Regular car Sanitisation

Our drivers thoroughly sanitise and disinfect cars according to Welcome Safety Protocol, this is done in all our vehicles.

Contact less Ride

You can request to have zero contact with the driver. In this case, the driver won’t help you with your luggage.

Sanitizer in every Car

We provide hand sanitisers and hand wipes for all our travellers, just ask your driver. Our drivers have their own sanitiser also. 

Tanzania Airport Transfers Service

Dar-es-salaam airport transfer
What to expect in Dar-es-salaam
Dar-es-salaam airport Transfers
Dar-es-salaam airport Transfers
Kilimanjaro Airport Transfers
Kilimanjaro Airport Transfers

Arusha mini guide

Arusha City Food tour

Getting to Arusha:

The main city in Tanzania is Dar es Salaam – to go from there to Arusha by bus, it takes about 10 hours There many companies offering the tour

A semi luxe bus ticket (without aircon) costs 32,000 shillings (aprox U$ 16); the Luxe bus ticket costs Tsh 36,000 (with aircon). Both have a toilet inside the bus. From Nairobi to Arusha it takes 6 hours by shuttle bus (it takes about one hour to cross the border, as you do your Visa on arrival).

From Moshi to Arusha it takes about 1:30 by bus, there are buses or shuttle buses every hour. Arusha has a small airport, for flights inside the country – international flights arrive at Kilimanjaro airport (50 km from Arusha).

Tanzania airports and visa

Visa and Immigration:

You can do your visa on arrival, it´s very practical and easy. You gotta have your Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate (otherwise you can take the vaccine shot there at the border)/Airport. When you arrive at the border with Kenya, the first thing you have to do is to show your yellow fever vaccination card. Then you fill the form they give you, and present it at the Visa window, where they take your photo and register your fingertips. After that, all you have to do is to pay for the visa at the next window outside (50 U$ dollars), and come back to the Visa window to get your stamped passport. The regular visa is valid for entering only one time in the country, and it´s valid for 3 months. You can also ask for a multiple entries visa, in case you need it.

Arusha town

Eating in Arusha

There are a lot of Restaurants in Arusha. Try to check around there area you stay; there must be a great place for BBQ – especially, accompanied by chips or grilled bananas, just delicious! You can also order chicken there. Famous places are Khan´s Barbecue (Indian/barbecue place), Africafe and GreenHut (a cozy place near the clock tower, with cheap local food)

Accommodation and apartments in Mwanza

Sleeping in Arusha

Accommodation in Arusha ranges from comfortable safari hotels to affordable guest lodges - enough to suit all tastes, budgets and trip types. If you're looking for a stopover pre or post your Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater safari, our selection of Arusha accommodation is sure to inspire you and will make planning your Tanzania safari so much simpler.

Getting around in Arusha

The easiest way to move around Arusha is by Dalla Dalla, the public mini buses that run all around the city. There´ll always be someone shouting the destination, otherwise you can just ask. They´re super cheap, from Njiro to town you pay 400 shillings (about U$ 0,40). You can also take taxis to move around, there are plenty of them at the Clock Tower.

Things to see and do in Arusha

Arusha offers its visitors a wide array of places to go and things to do. There are many coffee shops and restaurants, and the town has a lively nightlife. If you want to experience a real, bustling, busy African town, stay in Arusha for a day or two.

  • #1. The Clock Tower, situated slap-bang in the centre of town, is a great meeting point for both locals and tourists.
  • #2. Central and Maasai Markets – Chaotic and vibrant markets that sell everything from meat and fish to fabrics and electronics.
  • #3. The Cultural Heritage Centre includes a museum, restaurant, spice centre, shops, and a garden scattered with incredible sculptures. 
  • #4. The Boma Museum, originally a fort built by the Germans in the early 1900s, chronicles the colonial history of the town.
  • #5. Shanga, out on the Dodoma Road, is a fabulous centre incorporating a workshop for disabled artists.
  • #6. Meserani Snake Park, a little further out of Arusha, allows you to see a wide range of snakes, learn about them, and even hold some! 
Arusha City Map
Arusha Airport Transfers FAQ

Located in north eastern Tanzania, Arusha is the capital of the Arusha Region. The city is situated under the towering giant Mount Meru, and Mount Kilimanjaro is just 82.6km away.

Arusha was first settled in the 1830s by the Arusha Maasai. These agropastoral settlers belonged to the Arusha Chini community who lived south of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Arusha is the safari capital of Tanzania, and a popular stopover for adventurers who are preparing for a Kilimanjaro trek.

There are two airports near Arusha. Arusha Airport is a domestic airport with only a few daily flights. It is 15 minutes from the town centre, and it is often the starting point for safaris.

Kilimanjaro International Airport receives daily flights from domestic, African, and international airlines. This airport is around 45 minutes from the centre and a taxi to the airport will cost around $50. Some drivers may accept a cheaper fare, but you will need to haggle.

If you are travelling from Kilimanjaro Airport to the local Arusha airport, allow at least one hour for the journey.

It is possible to rent a car in Arusha but parking costs $0.50 per day throughout the city. It is far more common to hire a driver, and this is particularly useful for daytrips to Arusha National Park. If you are renting a vehicle, make sure that there is no charge for ‘extra kilometres’, as this can become expensive.

Dala dalas (small minibuses) are common throughout Tanzania and these only depart when they are full. They cost 400 TSH/person and they operate along the major roads throughout the day. You will find a large station on Stadium Street.

You can also take a bajaji (tuk-tuk) for a one-dollar ride to the city centre. None of these options are particularly comfortable or safe, but they do offer an authentic Tanzanian experience.

Taxis are available and they can usually be found parked in front of hotels. A ride across town should not cost more than $2.50.

  1. #1. Cultural Tourism Programs.
  2. #2.  Markets and Museums.
  3. #3. Coffee Tours
  4. #4. Day Trips.
  5. #5. Hiking and Trekkings.
  6. #6. Meserani National Park.

There are some excellent authentic street-food options in Arusha. At Discovery Restaurant, you can sit beside Maasai men and enjoy a Myama choma (roasted meat and maize), chapati, pilau, or biryani.

Alternatively, try out Khan’s BBQ on Mosque Street, which serves great chicken dishes, Indian style chutneys, naans, and salads.

More upmarket options can be found in the Eastern side of town. Some of the best dining options are found outside of the city. The Themi Living Gardens is a leafy spot where you can eat at the eco-restaurantEat Wild. The Mulberry is another outer-city oasis where you can sit back and enjoy cocktails as you watch the sunset. For travellers who like to party, this is an excellent spot for pre-drinks.

The city has a lively nightlife, with several bars and nightclubs (we recommend Via Via) and a growing live music scene. There are weekly acts at the Mount Meru Game Lodge, Blue Heron, and the Fig and Olive.

There are some Bureaus de Change in Arusha clustered around the Clock Tower, and some ATMs in the city centre. It is a good idea to stop by these before your safari to take out some notes. There are not many other options during the Northern Circuit and it is good to have cash to buy souvenirs or tip drivers and guides. 


Arusha is known for being the safari capital of Tanzania, and a popular stopover for adventurers who are preparing for a Kilimanjaro trek.

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