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20 Best Beaches in Tanzania

20 Best Beaches in Tanzania

20 Best Beaches in Tanzania

Tanzania’s reputation as one of Africa’s greatest safari destinations often overshadows the fact that it has over 800 kilometres of dazzling Indian Ocean coastline to explore – and that’s before you get to exotic Zanzibar and Tanzania’s other tropical islands.

With enough variety to make it the ideal finale to a Tanzania safari or as a stand-alone vacation, a Tanzania beach holiday will appeal to every traveller. The beaches themselves are some of the finest on the East African coast while the range of world-class dive sites will delight scuba divers and snorkellers. Honeymooners will love the exclusive and indulgent beachfront lodges while parents will appreciate the range of family-friendly accommodation and activities available.

But it’s not all about beaches and coral reefs: the highly diverse Tanzanian coast has a fascinating blend of cultures and cuisine. Spend time exploring back-street markets, tasting local dishes and interacting with local traders; the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed though – due to the strong Islamic influence – somewhat conservative, and you’re advised to respect local traditions and sensibilities.

Pack lightly for your Tanzania beach holiday: it’s usually pretty hot, sunny and humid all year round with temperatures averaging between 25 and 30°C. There are however distinct rainy seasons: try to avoid the coast during the long rains of March to April (when a number of lodges close) but there is less to worry about with the short rains of November to January.

It’s generally agreed that the best time to go on a Tanzania beach holiday is during the drier and milder June to September months; the December – January holiday period is also popular but temperatures are high and there is some rain around.

We’ve split the coast into two distinct travel regions – the coast itself and Tanzania’s islands, including Zanzibar.

6 Best Beach Destinations in Tanzania


Most visitors come to Tanzania for prime game-viewing in reserves like the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. But when you have had your safari fill, the country’s coastline beckons with the promise of an idyllic beach holiday. Tanzania is blessed with some of the best beaches in Africa – making it a top choice for those seeking a safari and beach combo.

Sprawling, bustling Dar es Salaam is perhaps not an obvious choice for a beach holiday but its international airport and central location means that this city is the logistics hub for the Tanzania coast. There are great beach hotels and resorts within a 2-hour drive of the city. You’ll be spoilt for choice with an array of beautiful Tanzania beaches, while another major drawcard of the destination is the slew of Zanzibar resorts taking pride of place on Tanzania’s main tourist island.

When you are in the city, you want to ensure you get in a great holiday break. Tanzania has an amazing group of beaches and places that look like they are going to be out of a picture book. This is a place where people from all over the world flock and enjoy the beauty of the beaches. There are some in the city though and in the surrounding areas that will ensure that your breath is taken away.

There are amazing stretches of coastline and beaches that are going to guarantee some amazing experiences. Here are the 10 best beaches in the city of Dar es Salaam that you need to know about and ensure you never miss.

Mbezi Beach:

This is located outside of the city around 20km north of the center of the city. This is along Bagamoyo Road. The beach is untouched and is a great place to enjoy the beauty. It is a place that is perfect for diving as well. There are many other art galleries as well that are around the beach for a luxurious accommodation if needed. This is one of the most different and unusual beaches in the area

Coco Beach

This is a place that is always bursting with life and that is a great place to enjoy the beauty of life by the ocean, Coco beach is located along Toure drive and in the tranquil neighbourhood of Oyster bay - Dar es Salaam . The sand is completely clean and it is on the east side of the Msasani peninsula and is a great place for tourists. It is also a great place for night life and for eating out.

South Beach

This is a beach that is also known as Kingamboni that is a great choice from many of the local people. It is gorgeous and has a white sand beach as well as clear water. This is a place that is perfect for swimming and also has many different hotels and places for you to enjoy the beauty of the beach. This beach is off of Kigaboni Road. If you love live music this is a great place to head to.

Mikadi Beach

The name Mikadi comes from the tree that lives along the entire coastline of Tanzania. This is a place that you want to enjoy a long weekend. There is a lodge as well that is perfect on the beach. In addition to that, there are amazing places to go with a swimming pool, a bar, and one of the best burger places you will every try in your life and well known for its mix of amazing experiences.

Amani Beach

This is a mainland beach that is often forgotten. This one is amazing and the local people know it. Both people from the area expats are aware of the beauty of the location and people come here as a weekend getaway. This is a location that has tons of hotels that are all around the area. Some of the most well known include Amani Beach Cottage and Ras Kutani.

Bahari Beach

This is in the top of the city and is a piece of paradise as you navigate up Bagamoyo Road. The beach has a huge choice of hotels and lodges. There are all kinds of options as well for water sports when you are ready. There is also a local fishing village ensuring fresh seafood anytime. This is a surfer’s paradise year-round and it is possible to get the best waves and experience.

Map of Dar-es-salaam Beaches

Zanzibar has plenty of places to visit and activities to enjoy, as you can see just with a fast check of our blog. But let’s be clear: if there is something you will do here for sure, it is a day on the beach. Or several! Why? Easy: because here you will find some of the best beaches around the world. White sands. Warm water. Breath-taking landscapes. 

Check out the top 8 beaches around Zanzibar 

Bwejuu Beach Zanzibar

Guide to Bwejuu Beach

Bwejuu beach is located western part of Unguja Island (Zanzibar), between Michamvi beach on the north and Paje beach on South. About 52.9 km from Zanzibar Airport and 52.0 km from Stone Town (City - Center - Zanzibar)

Guide to Michamvi Beach

Michamvi beach village is found on the Michamvi peninsula East Coast of Zanzibar (Unguja Island). About 64.6 km from Zanzibar Airport and 63.7 km from Stone Town. Here is where is where the famous The Rock Restaurant is found

Nungwi Beach Zanzibar

Guide to Nungwi Beach

Nungwi beach is located on the North part of Zanzibar (Unguja Island). It is about 67.4 km from Zanzibar Airport and 62.9 km from Stone Town. It has been listed among the best beaches in Africa by CNN Travel for the year 2017.

Kendwa beach Zanzibar

Guide to Kendwa Beach

This beach is located on the North West part of Zanzibar (Unguja Island). About 66.2 km from Zanzibar Airport and 61.7 km from Stone town. Kendwa beach is considered as the best beach in Zanzibar Islands and Tanzania as a whole.

Pongwe Transfer Services

Guide to Kizimkazi Beach

Kizimkazi beach is located on the Southern part of Zanzibar, at Kizimkazi Fishers village. Kizimkazi beach is a famous beach in Zanzibar for swimming with Dolphins, so many tourists book their boat trips to swim with the wild dolphins and snorkeling.

Matemwe Beach Zanzibar

Guide to Matemwe Beach

This place is famous for snorkeling. Fishing at this place is forbidden, that is why you can see different beautiful sea creatures like Green turtles, Indo-pacific sergeant, Titan triggerfish, Twobar anemonefish, Moorish Idol and so on.

Pongwe Beach Zanzibar

Guide to Pongwe Beach

Pongwe beach is located next to Uroa beach before you arrive at Kiwengwa beach. It looks similar to Uroa beach, its village’s occupations are the same; they are small-scale fishers, they use traditional ways of fishing. .

Paje Beach Zanzibar

Guide to Paje Beach

This beach is located on the South East coast of Zanzibar Island. Located between Bwejuu and Jambiani. About 49.8 km from Zanzibar Airport and 49.0 km from Stone Town.Paje beach is considered as the best beach for Kiting.

Map of Zanzibar Beaches

How to Get to Tanzania?

There are three major international airports in Tanzania

Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)situated between Arusha and Moshi, this is the most common entry point into the country for those exploring the Northern Safari Circuit that includes the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire National Park and Lake Manyara. 

Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR)a good option for those visiting Dar es Salaam or the Southern Safari Circuit that includes Selous Game Reserve, and Ruaha National Park. 

Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (ZNZ): for those heading straight to Zanzibar, this airport is just 5km (3.1 miles) outside of Stone Town, Zanzibar’s capital.

Most visitors access Tanzania by plane. As Tanzania has a limited selection of international flights, visitors typically arrive via Dubai, Amsterdam or Johannesburg, South Africa and take a connecting flight.

STUDENT VISA50 (Single 3 Months)

In Most cases, Passport, If you are visiting Tanzania, your passport should be valid for 6 months from the date you arrive. If you are a resident in Tanzania, your passport must be valid for 6 months from the date you arrive. Check with your travel provider to make sure your passport and other travel documents meet their requirements.

Pretty Easy, there are roughly roughly 40 nationalities may visit the country for tourism without obtaining a visa, for short stays. However, all other foreign citizens traveling to Tanzania or Zanzibar for tourism or leisure need a visa. The Tanzania online visa for tourism is quick and easy to obtain.

Countries allowed for visa-free travel to Tanzania
  • Antigua & Barbuda.
  • Anguilla.
  • Ashmore & Certie Island.
  • Bahamas.
  • Barbados.
  • Bermuda.
  • Belize.
  • Brunei.
6 Best Beach Destinations in Tanzania
  • Zanzibar: The Island of Spice. …
  • Mnemba Island: An Exclusive Escape. …
  • Pemba Island: Honeymooners’ Paradise. …
  • Mafia Island: A Hidden Gem. …
  • Chumbe Island: A Protected Coral Reef Sanctuary. …
  • Chole Island: A Peaceful Haven.

YES, and Kendwa Beach is the best; This is one of the few beaches on Zanzibar where the tide doesn’t really change, which means the clear waters are perfect for swimming, snorkelling and diving.


Kizimkazi Beach; The best of Zanzibar’s beaches can be found on the south coast. Kizimkazi beach is where you’re guaranteed to see beautiful bottlenose dolphins in the ocean. Head to Kizimkazi if you wish to snorkel, dive or swim with the amazing creatures and other marine species in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar has more than 25 beautiful, white, palm fringed beaches, the sea is warm, and the atmosphere is easy.

 Unguja (the main island, referred to informally as Zanzibar) and Pemba Island. It is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, 25–50 km (16–31 mi) off the coast of the African mainland, and consists of many small islands and two large ones