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1 Day Ruaha Safari from Iringa

1 Day Ruaha Safari from Iringa

1 Day Ruaha Safari from Iringa – Overview:

Visit Ruaha National Park, which is the last enclave of wildlife and second largest park in Africa. Get an excellent game viewing experience viewing the animals roaming around the Ruaha great river.

1 Day Ruaha Safari from Iringa – Itenerary:

Depart Iringa town early in the morning for ruaha national park, Arrive at the parks gate at around 8 in the morning, checking and payment at the gate. A short game drive while heading for break first. After break first a full day game drive with packed lunch, departing for Iringa town at around 4:30 and arriving at Iringa around 7:30

Iringa Travel Map

Ruaha National Park and Iringa FAQ

Best Time to Visit – Ruaha NP

The middle and end of the Dry season (June to October) is the prime time for watching wildlife in Ruaha National Park. Animals are easier to spot because the bush thins out and wildlife concentrates around trusted water sources.

The easier way to get to Ruaha is by chartered or scheduled flight from Dar es Salaam to the park’s airstrip. There are also flights connecting all parks of the southern circuit safari. Flights from Arusha town, the base for the northern safari circuit, are also available.

The greater Ruaha landscape holds around a tenth of the world’s lions: it is the second largest lion population left after Selous, and is one of only six lion populations left in the world that still has over 1000 lions.

22 National parks
TANAPA manages the nation’s 22 National parks which covers approximately 15% of the land area and has the mandate to conserve and manage the wildlife in Tanzania, and to enforce the related laws and regulations in this industry. It manages the biodiversity of the country, protecting and conserving the flora and fauna.

Iringa is known for its woven baskets, made from local reeds. The baskets are used across Tanzania and exported internationally. The city is also known for the award-winning Neema Crafts Centre, and also a closest town to Ruaha National Park.

Iringa Urban District is one of the five districts of the Iringa Region of Tanzania. It is bordered to the north, east, and west by the Iringa Rural District and to the south by the Kilolo District.

How to get to Ruaha National Park

Ruaha’s remote location means that it is difficult to access, but the long journey is rewarded ten times over by the secluded safari paradise that awaits. The Southern Safari Circuit is less popular, so flight connections are not as frequent.

You can reach Ruaha via plane or car, although we recommend the former for ease and comfort. If you do decide to drive, you’ll get a wonderful insight into rural Tanzanian life, and you can enjoy the changing landscapes that never fail to impress. If you decide to stop over in Morogoro or Iringa, you can even get a taste of traditional village life.

Ruaha is 625 km away from Dar es Salaam and the road journey takes around 9 hours. You can also drive from Iringa which is only 130 km away.

By plane, the journey is a lot shorter. There are frequent flights from Dar es Salaam, Arusha, the Serengeti, Kigoma, and Dodoma to the local airstrips, Msembe and Jongomero.

Coastal Aviation and Safari Airlink operate flights from Dar es Salaam. Private flights can be booked on request.

If you have booked your adventure with us, all transport will be arranged for you.